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5 Fun Facts on Pamela Reif’s boyfriend, Willi Whey

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Pamela Reif and Willi Whey

Pamela Reif is a public figure, social media influencer and foodie. Her boyfriend’s name is Willi Whey and they are quite the superstar couple. Find out more about him below, including his age, occupation, etc. with these five facts.

Who is Willi Whey? 5 Facts About Pamela Reif’s Boyfriend

1) Willi Whey is 27 years old. His birthday was recent, on August 31.

2) He’s a fitness influencer who first rose to fame via TikTok in 2020. Willi’s first video has over 1 million views and features him showing off his Nike clothes. Currently, he boasts 7.5 million followers and 106 million likes on the platform.

3) Willi was born in Germany and has a younger sister named Marta.

4) He hasn’t always been so open. But, he’s grown a lot via social media, and part of the reason he’s been able to open up and gain notoriety is from his expansive tattoo collection. Each tattoo means something to him, from personal significance to a mantra of sorts, according to Inked Mag. For example, the wreath on his neck reminds him to strive for success and not let things weigh him down.

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5) Pamela and Willi posted matching Instagrams in March of this year. They were promoting their workout videos together; ever since, they’ve been traveling, hiking, exploring in nature, etc. Pamela joked in May, asking “who wants to see unposted Pilli content? Or should we rather call us Wamela?”

To keep up with Willi Whey and Pamela Reif, be sure you’re following them on Instagram.


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