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10 Fun Facts About Nanny Faye from Chrisley Knows Best

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10 Fun Facts about Nanny Faye from Chrisley Knows Best

The lovable Nanny Faye from ‘Chrisley Knows Best‘ always steals the scenes from her family members with her wit and charm. Let’s get to know this breakout star a little better! Keep reading for 10 fun facts about Nanny Faye.

1. Faye Chrisley loves to gamble. You’ve seen her sneak off to the casino during the Chrisley Knows Best episodes, unbeknownst to her son Todd Chrisley. She even posted a photo of she, Savannah, and Chase with the caption, “Love these children. But I like them more when they go gambling with me.”

2. Faye celebrated her 75th birthday surrounded by her family in September 2019. Her son Todd left a sweet message to his mother on Instagram.

He said, “Happy Birthday Mama, @nannyfayechrisley there are no words that will ever explain how blessed I am to have you as my mother , through every trial and tribulation our family has ever gone through, you have been the light that lead us through the darkness , with all of my heart , I love you beyond words and thank God everyday for you , you are the standard of what a “Real” woman should be , God, thank you for this blessing and for every blessing of strength and perseverance that my mother has taught us all.”

3. Nanny Faye has a pretty good entourage! Look as she basks in the sun and Savannah’s fiance, Nic fans her.

4. She and her late husband Gene raised her family in Westminster, South Carolina.

5. Nanny Faye first appeared in Chrisley Knows Best in 2015. She then starred alongside her grandchildren in Growing Up Chrisley in 2019.

6. When Todd was asked what the worst advice his mother gave him was, he said “to give my first wife a second chance.”

7. Nanny Faye loves sweet tea.

8. It appears that Nanny Faye isn’t wearing a wig and really does have nice luxurious hair. In this clip from season 1, Todd pranked his mom with a bad makeover.

9. She has her very own Instagram account. Follow her @nannyfayechrisley.

10. Faye has two sons, Todd, Derrick, and Randy Chrisley.

Bonus! Owns a small pup that has been featured many times on Chrisley Knows Best named Miley.


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