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Zac Efron Gives Details on Why His First On-Screen Kiss Was Awkward

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Zac Efron 31, recalled his first on-screen kiss on The Graham Norton Show. The actor recalled how nervous he was to kiss his Summerland co-star Kay Panabaker in 2004 at 16 years old.

Zac Efron, Kay Panabaker,
A throwback photo of Kay Panabaker and Zac Efron on the set of ‘Summerland’. Photo: kaypanabaker/Instagram

Efron shared how the kiss took place on a closed set during a day where the cast had seafood for lunch. After the cast had lunch, they were ready to resume filming.

We went in for the kiss — I got up this close. I’d shut my eyes, ready to go in…nothing happens..I’m going further..and nothing’s happening. I get further, like thinking eventually we’re going to touch. And all of a sudden I hear, ‘Oh my gosh. Did you have salmon for lunch? Seriously?‘” Efron shared on the talk show.

Kay Panabaker, Zac Efron,
Zac Efron and Kay Panabaker on ‘Summerland’. Photo: Warner Bros

Efron took the kiss as a learning lesson and now carries around a toothbrush, which he pulled out from his suit pocket on the talk show.

Panabaker also remembered the kiss and called it “embarrassing” and “weird” in a interview with LA Teen Festival. The former actress did add that Efron was very sweet and nice while they filmed the scene though.

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