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Zendaya and Zac Efron’s Trapeze Fail from ‘The Greatest Showman’

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Zendaya visited Jimmy Fallon on Monday to talk her newest and second film, “The Greatest Showman” co-starring Zac Efron.

Zendaya looked beautiful wearing a long black and red long slit dress.  Jimmy was asking her about the stunts she had to do for the highly anticipated upcoming film.  She gushed about the film’s director, Michael Gracey would called her on the phone to tell her to build up her body strength because he didn’t want to use the stunt double much.  

She worked hard on building that strength, which now she says is all lost.  When Zendaya showed up to set, she was taken aback by the polls being 10 – 15 feet higher than she anticipated.  She was safe and sound though, all hooked up but the job looked challenging!

See the video below to hear Zendaya talk to Jimmy Fallon about her trapeze fails with co-star Zac Efron


Zendaya was in shock after the movie premiere that she took a little while to take it all in.  She posted a photo from the premiere night to her Instagram, captioning it: 

I haven’t posted anything about the premiere the other night cause I’m still in shock a little bit. This is only my second film, so you could imagine the nerves but it was a magical night and I’m lucky to be next to these incredible people. Thank you for believing in me.

THE Dress

Look at this gorgeous Viktor & Rolf Soir black and red dress Zendaya dazzled in at the premiere.

Golden Globe Nominations

The Greatest Showman hasn’t even been released in the theaters yet and has already received major accolades.  The film has been nominated for not one but 3 Golden Globe Awards.


‘The Greatest Showman’ will premiere in theaters on December 20, 2017.