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Why Did Jason Kennedy Leave E! News?

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Jason Kennedy E In the Room

You may have noticed that Jason Kennedy is no longer hosting E! News along with Giuliana Rancic.

Did Jason Kennedy Move to New York?

The veteran host did not join E! News this year when they moved their set from Los Angeles over to the east coast in New York City. He continues to live in Los Angeles with his wife of 6 years, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy.

When E! News changed their format to a morning show, they also changed their hosts. Former host of the Australian show, The Loop – Scott Tweedie and entertainment reporter, Lilliana Vasquez are taking over for Jason Kennedy and Guiliana Rancic.

Jason Kennedy hosts In The Room on E

Instead, Jason Kennedy will be hosting a new E! show called “In the Room,” where he interviews various celebrity guests at their homes in an intimate setting.

Is Giuliana Rancic Still on E!?

As for Giuliana Rancic, she will continue working with E! as host on the red carpet of their award shows.

In the Room” will premiere its first full length show on Monday, March 1st.

Jason will pick Chris Pratt up from work as they first stop off for a little guy time on the golf course.

The action star will talk about his road to fame, how he handled body shaming in movie roles, and how faith guided him to find love again. The 40 year old star just married 30 year old Katherine Schwarzenegger just last year after being married to Anna Faris for 9 years.

Tune into In The Room tonight on E! at 10:30pm EST.


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