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Who’s On Shark Tank Live Season 14 Premiere Show? (Updating in Real Time)

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Shark Tank Live

Shark Tank is making history tonight on ABC! They will be starting their 14th season and are airing their first-ever live episode of the popular ABC show.

Hopeful entrepreneurs with amazing ideas and passion will enter the tank in front of millionaire and billionaire investors. They have to convince these sharks why it’s a good idea to take a chance and invest in their company.

Who is on the Shark Tank Live Episode Tonight on Sept 23rd?

It’s been hush hush on who is pitching their ideas and companies on Shark Tank tonight. When it airs, we will be updating this article with a recap of who you’re seeing and who is and isn’t investing.


Kent on Shark Tank 2022
(ABC/Christopher Willard)

Company Name: KENT

Entrepreneur Names: Stacy and Jeff Grace

What Did They Ask For: $200k for 5%

Deals Offered:

Barbara Corcoran offered $200k for 20%

Robert Herjavec offered $200k for 15%

Lori Greiner offered $200k for 15%

Daymond John offered $200k from 15%

Deal Accepted: Daymond John

Visit: Go to Instagram, Go to the Website

How much the underwear sell for: $24 – $27

Revenue: They made $99k this year on pace to do $5 million.

Get more details on KENT now!


Oogiebear on Shark Tank 2022
 (ABC/Christopher Willard)

Company Name: Oogiebear

Entrepreneur Names: Sina and Nina Farzin

What Did They Ask For: $400k for 5%

Deals Offered:

Kevin Herjavec offered $400k for 10%

Lori Greiner offered $400k for 10% but wants Mark Cuban to go in with her

Mark Cuban offered $400k for 12% with Lori Greiner

Barbara Corcoran offered $400k for 10% with Robert Herjavec + $200k in credit line

Robert Herjavec offered $400k for 10% with Barbara Corcoran

How much does it sell for: $12.99 – $24.99

Revenue: Started in 2015. Sold over 1 million units up until 2022

Deal Accepted: Robert Herjavec and Barbara Corcoran for $400k for 10%

Get more details on Oogiebear now!

Pizza Pack

Pizza Pack on Shark Tank 2022
(ABC/Christopher Willard)

Company Name: Pizza Pack

Entrepreneur: Tate Koenig

What Did They Ask For: $100k for 10%

Deals Offered:

Kevin O’Leary offered $100k for 10%

Lori Greiner offered $100k for 13%

Mark Cuban offered to buy his business for $1.5 million check

Sell for: $24.99

Deal Made: Lori Greiner deal of $100k for 13%

Get more details on Pizza Pack now!

Who Are the Sharks?

  • Robert Herjavec
  • Lori Greiner
  • Kevin O’Leary
  • Barbra Corcoran
  • Daymond John
  • Mark Cuban

There Will Be a Live Audience on Season 14 Premiere

History is being made all night on Shark Tank. Not only are they doing their first ever live show, but they also welcomed in a live audience! The official Instagram gave us a sneak peek behind the scenes of the audience members taking their seats in anticipation of what’s to come tonight.

How to get ready and watch Shark Tank according to Mark Cuban: walk over to the TV, tune it to ABC, get yourself a cold beverage, some chips and be ready!

The Viewers Will Vote!

Yes! Lori Greiner is excited to make Shark Tank history tonight. It doesn’t just stop at a live show. They will also have a live audience as we stated earlier, plus you, the viewers will get a say during the pitches. That’s right, they want to know what you think so you have to tune in and vote.

Barbara Corcoran’s Prediction

Shark, Barbara Corcoran is making her prediction for tonight’s episode of Shark Tank. Who will make the first deal? “Robert (Herjavec) because he always likes to jump into everything without any thought and gets really hyper,” she joked.

Tune into Shark Tank on ABC Friday September 23, 2022 at 8pm EST.


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