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‘Shadowhunters’ Cast Spill Secrets Behind their Epic Scenes

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Katherine McNamara on Shadowhunters Season 3

Ever wonder how their epic scenes all come together to make Shadowhunters such a hit?

The Shadowhunters cast is revealing big secrets, buckle up!

Dominic Sherwood who plays Jace said, “that’s what’s difficult, sometimes forgetting where things are and having to completely imagine them.

Sherwood is referring to the huge monster creatures that you see in the series, threatening to attack. As you can imagine, that creature is not actually standing in front of him, so how does it appear like he’s looking right at it?

Katherine McNamara who plays Clary said, “everyone has to be on the same page, because what you’re doing physically does not exist.

If everyone is looking in a different direction or reacting at a different level of scary, it’s not going to look right,” said McNamara.

Emeraude Toubia who portrays Isabelle chimed in about the moment the cast has to go fight off these horrible creatures. “Before you see it that way, it’s basically a guy in a black bodysuit with a stick coming out of his head and a tennis ball on top,” she explains.

To get more secrets and see it all in action, check out the video below:

Check out more photos of the Shadowhunters Cast below:

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