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Kelsey Owens of “Siesta Key” Talks Life, Friends, & More in Exclusive Interview!

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We’re back with part 2 of our interview with Siesta Key‘s Kelsey Owens. The MTV star and model chatted about her cast mates, the most surprising thing about reality television, and how her life has changed since Siesta Key. Keep reading below for more of the exclusive interview!

Exclusive Interview with “Siesta Key’s” Kelsey Owens: Get the Scoop on Her Fashion & Beauty Favorites!

Going from St. Louis high-schooler to overnight reality TV sensation has been quite the journey for Kelsey. She tells Feeling the Vibe exclusively that since Siesta Key: “People all over the world know my personal life and have found ways to relate to me. This has been so cool to me because I feel like I have a personal connection with my fans. Something that hasn’t changed with the show is every ‘cast member’ has stayed true to who they are and not allowed the show to get to their head.


Siesta Key season 2 cast
The season 2 cast of “Siesta Key.” Image Credit: IG @TheKelseyOwens.


Sounds like everyone has a good head on their shoulders, so it’s easy to see why they are so popular since the show started in July 2017. Even after almost 2 years in the spotlight, one thing that still surprises Kelsey about reality TV is: “How many people all over the world can relate to our small core group of friends in one way or another.


Besides modeling, Kelsey told us that she would “LOVE to travel blog! My mom was a flight attendant for 18 years so traveling is in my blood.” Now that would be one amazing blog – have you seen some of the beautiful places Kelsey’s gotten to travel to recently? Check out one of her awesome Instagrams from Thailand below!

Be sure to follow Kelsey on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with her life. The season 2 premiere of Siesta Key is January 22 at 9/8 c on MTV, so check it out to see what Kelsey’s been up to over the last year!


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