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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Sweet Magnolias on Netflix: Everything We Know

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Jamie Lynn Spears in Sweet Magnolias

Netflix‘s newest series based off the bestselling novels, Sweet Magnolias, finally has a release date! The show stars Jamie Lynn Spears in her first acting gig since her Nickelodeon days and becoming a mom to Maddie, as well as some other well-known names. Keep reading below for the full cast list, what the series is about, and more!

What is Sweet Magnolias about? Who has been cast in the series?

Images Courtesy: IG @JamieLynnSpears; Netflix/YouTube.

Sweet Magnolias is about 3 best friends who reconnect later in life. Viewers will follow them as they balance their families, jobs, and more in their small town.

Portraying the 3 best friends (Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen) are: JoAnna Garcia (wife to former MLB player Nick Swisher), Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley, respectively. Jamie Lynn Spears is playing Noreen Fitzgibbons; rounding out the cast are Chris Klein as Bill Townsend, Maddie’s husband, and Justin Bruening as Cal Maddox.

Any other details?

Images Courtesy: Netflix/YouTube; IG @JoGarciaSwisher, @HeatherHeadley, & @Norbuck.

Jamie Lynn’s character Noreen is pregnant, and is in South Carolina to get a new start after making some bad choices. Brooke’s character of Dana Sue was a bit of a “wild child” but has since reinvented herself as the hardworking owner of Sullivan’s Restaurant. JoAnna’s character Maddie is a sweet, poetry-loving woman who finds herself at a bit of a crossroads.

Now, almost everyone knows of Jamie Lynn’s Nick days on the hit series Zoey 101, but where have you seen the other cast members before?

Fans may recognize Brooke Elliott from her lead in the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva; while Heather Headley may look familiar to fans of Chicago Med as Gwen Garrett. Chris Klein starred in the American Pie movie franchise, as well as the CW series The Flash. Justin Bruening held roles on two soap operas (All My Children and One Life to Live), and more recently a guest spot on Grey’s Anatomy.

Where did Sweet Magnolias Film?

Sweet Magnolias actually filmed in Georgia. They filmed mostly during the summer of 2019, as well as into the fall a little bit. Jamie Lynn, Heather, and JoAnna even brought their kids to set a couple times! How sweet!

We saved the best for last, as Netflix has released a little teaser of Sweet Magnolias in the video below for “What’s New in May.” Be sure you mark your calendars for May 19, 2020, as that’s when the series will be available for streaming!


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