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Brittany Snow Shares What She Wishes She Knew in Her 20’s

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Brittany Snow ,33, reflects back on her younger years in a recent interview with Channel 24 for the new Netflix film Someone Great. The actress believes she used to settle for less than she deserved when it came to love and her life.

Someone Great,
Movie poster for ‘Someone Great’. Photo: Netflix

The 33-year-old now understands that personal struggles and perseverance is preparation for “better” things. In terms of her love life, Snow is happily engaged to her fiancé and former professional surfer, Tyler Stanaland.

Brittany Snow, Tyler Stanaland,
Brittany Snow and fiancé Tyler Stanaland at the ‘Someone Great’ screening. Photo: tylerstanaland/Instagram

Snow also had a lot to say about her new Netflix film. The hard working actor shared that the movie’s writer and director, Jennifer Robinson, wanted to make a romantic comedy where the leading female character didn’t need a “White Knight” character to be happy.

Snow couldn’t relate to her character, Blair Helms, when she first read the script. Her initial impression of Blair was that she seemed like a “stick stick-in-the-mud,” but then realized she could relate to Blair’s wild side that comes out when she parties.

Someone Great, DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow,
DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, and Brittany Snow in ‘Someone Great’. Photo: Netflix

Snow also mentioned what it was like working with her co-stars Gina Rodgriquez and DeWanda Wise. She explained that their close on-screen friendship also quickly developed off-screen! According to Snow, Rodgriquez and DeWanda have been friends since their teenage years. The two actresses were very welcoming towards Snow and make their relationship in the movie effortless.

Check out the ‘Someone Great’ trailer for the movie below!

‘Someone Great’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

More pictures of Brittany Snow and Gina Rodriguez in ‘Someone Great.’


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