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Bob Saget Shares Small Wedding Snafu He Had with John Mayer and John Stamos

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Bob Saget reflected back to his special day with his wife Kelly Rizzo on October 2018, in the newest episode of Chicks in The Office. Saget chatted with podcast hosts, Ria and Fran, about a moment that happened during his wedding.

Bob Saget, Chicks in the Office,
Bob Saget on Chicks in the Office podcast. Photo: chicksintheoffice/Instagram

He shared how his Full House co-star John Stamos and buddy John Mayer both attended his wedding. “I messed up with Stamos because he was going to give a speech, then Mayer jumped the shark and I didn’t know what to do,” the director and actor shared. He added that Stamos seemed upset about not being able to make the speech. However, the newlywed knows he has to make it up to his longtime friend for the slip up!

Saget has been close friends with Stamos for 30 years. The comedian revealed that he was jealous of Stamos before they became co-stars on Full House. After getting to know each other, they started going everywhere together like the three amigos with co-star, Dave Coulier.

Saget also talked about his 13-year friendship with Mayer. Their friendship first began when he asked Mayer to do a stand-up performance during one of his Scleroderma benefits. It was Mayer’s first time doing stand-up and he was very impressed. The comedian believes Mayer is a great friend and a funny guy.

Saget joked that Mayer and Stamos will have to work out the “boy band drama” that the two may have because since the wedding speech slip up. He is very thankful that both of his longtime friends could be there for his wedding day!

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Click here to listen below to what else he had to say in the podcast! (1:39:34-2:07:16)


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