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Are Mike & Monica, Nicole & Dr. Parker from ABC’s The Proposal Still Together?

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Monica and Mike on The Proposal

What happens after the show for the couples of ABC’s The Proposal? Do they stay together or does their relationship fizzle out before it even really begins? We have the scoop on two favorite couples: Mike and Monica, and Dr. Parker and Nicole. Keep reading below to see their current statuses, plus what they have been up to post-show!

Mike Crowe and Monica Villalobos were the show’s first couple. We are glad to report that yes, the pair is still engaged and seem happier than ever!

The couple also just went on a trip to Disneyland to celebrate Monica’s birthday. How cute!

We have a feeling the future is bright for these two lovebirds! Can’t wait to see where they go from here!

Buck ParkerNicole Kulovany seemed to be doing great. While fans seemed a little skeptical of the pairing at first, since he’s a surgeon and she’s a beauty queen; they proved everyone wrong by show’s end.

Dr Buck Parker and Nicole Kulovany on The Proposal

If you follow The Proposal‘s social media, the last post about the couple dates back a couple weeks to July 17, where it’s stated that “they’re still together!”

So if you solely base it off that, then they are all good. But, there haven’t been any posts of each other on their Instagrams, not even promoting the show. They have been known to want to keep things more private, but without a trace of their romance online, it’s safe to say this couple is either headed for a split, or have already split up.

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