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‘American Idol’ Contestant Peter Lemongello Jr Follows in Father’s Footsteps

American Idol’ is back tonight with round 3 of auditions. This time hitting Idaho, New York City, Kentucky and Los Angeles to find its next musical superstar.

On the journey they meet Peter Lemongello, 19, from Boca Raton, Florida. This kid has music in his blood.

Who is Peter Lemongello Jr’s Father?

Peter Lemongello
Peter Lemongello’s son auditions for American Idol

Peter Jr is the son of Karen and Peter Lemongello. His father was the first person to sell over one million albums on television!

He ran a huge TV marketing campaign in New York City in an effort to sell his single Love ‘76. Subsequently, he sold 1.8 million copies. Private Stock Records then signed Lemongello in 1976 where he released his second album, Do I Love You in early 1977.

In more recent years, he continued singing as the “Italian Crooner.” Peter has adopted The Great American Songbook and appears frequently across the country.

Peter Lemongello Jr Background

This kid is no stranger to the stage, having performed since he was only 3 years old alongside his father at Westbury Music Hall and several casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

In June of 2017, Peter was asked by his longtime friend, J.T. Carter, the founder and original bass singer of “The Crests,” to sing lead for his newly reformed, “J.T. Carter’s Group”.

JT Carter’s Group appeared on a Doo-Wop PBS special which aired nationally in March 2018.

Watch Peter Jr perform on PBS

Catch Peter Lemongello Jr’s Audition on ‘American Idol’ Sunday, March 10th at 8pm EST.