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Alexis Ren and Milo Manheim Discuss Knowing Each Other Before ‘DWTS’

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These Dancing with the Stars contestants have a little history!

Milo Manheim and Alexis Ren
Milo Manheim and Alexis Ren guest star on SiriusXM radio show You Up W/ Nikki Glaser. 2019. Photo Comedy Central/Youtube.

Alexis Ren , 22, and Milo Manheim , 17, were recently guests on SiriusXM’s You Up W/ Nikki Glaser. The two DWTS alums recalled their time on the dance competition and how they both made it to the final four.

Ren remembered meeting Manheim on Good Morning America for the first time when they were finalists for DWTS. Manheim chimed in that he actually knew who Ren was prior to their meeting.

He confessed that he followed her on Instagram for three years and liked some of her photos.

The Instagram model laughed it off saying she knew all along. She even called him out for unfollowing her, and then refollowing her after they met on Good Morning America.

She discovered who the Disney Channel (Zed in ‘Zombies’) star was after doing some research to find out who was going to be on her season of ‘DWTS.

The two former contestants remain close even after their time on the show. Niki Glaser joked, “I have a lot of hope for these two.” That’s how we all feel after this radio chat! Watch the full conversation below.