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From Model to Mogul: Sofia Richie Grainge’s Exclusive Clothing Line Breaks Boundaries

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Sofia Richie Grainge, the influential figure in the quiet-luxury fashion movement, is taking her style to new heights by launching a clothing line that reflects her personal aesthetic. In a recent Vogue video published on July 25, Sofia expressed her excitement about the project, which she has been diligently working on with her team for months.

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During the video, Sofia sat down with designer Cassandra Hobbins and her agent Adee Drexler to discuss the “top secret-ish” project. They revealed that the clothing line aims to bring out Sofia’s sense of comfort and style, featuring neutral fabric swatches with pops of vibrant, primary colors. While Sofia is keeping the details of the collection closely guarded, the video provided a glimpse into the line’s focus on cashmere as a key fabric, perfectly aligned with her preference for clean lines, luxurious materials, and elevated silhouettes.

The collection will boast an impressive 80 pieces, and Sofia couldn’t contain her excitement as she saw the designs mapped out on paper. She expressed her pride in the team’s achievement, stating that they successfully brought her vision to life in a remarkably short time.

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In addition to her fashion endeavors, the video showed Sofia’s shopping trip to Dôen, where she selected a lightweight summer dress for an upcoming trip to Palm Springs. Emphasizing her desire for comfort, she seems to be leaning towards easy-to-wear pieces for the season.

Sofia Richie Grainge has been captivating the internet with her impeccable style over the past few months. Some standout looks include her three stunning Chanel wedding dresses, an edgy see-through skirt adorned with sequined embroidery, a charming floral bikini during her honeymoon, and a sophisticated plaid ensemble at Paris Fashion Week. Throughout her fashion evolution, Sofia emphasized her pride in expressing herself through her clothing, staying true to her own unique sense of style and not being swayed by outside influences.

While the specifics of Sofia’s upcoming clothing line are eagerly awaited, the sneak peek provided in the Vogue video promises a collection that reflects Sofia Richie Grainge’s signature blend of quiet luxury and personal expression. Fashion enthusiasts around the world are eagerly anticipating the launch of this exciting new venture.


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