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Where Can I Buy Bala Bangles from ‘Shark Tank?’

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Bala Bangles from Shark Tank

The husband and wife duo from the health and fitness company, Bala appeared on ‘Shark Tank‘ tonight on ABC.

Bala Bangles on Shark Tank

What is Bala?

Get stylish! Bala bangles are what you want to be seen in at the gym this year. They aren’t only stylish, but they are weighted bands.

Whether you are ready to do your yoga, walking on the treadmill or get your morning run, you need Bala bangles.

They not only can be worn on your wrists, but they can also be used as ankle weights too! They also are available in various cool colors.

Where can you get Bala Bangles?

Are you a big Amazon shopper? These awesome bala bangles are just under $50 and available for prime shoppers so they get to your doorstep in two days. Check them out on

They haven’t even appeared on Shark Tank yet and they have over 140 reviews on Amazon! One customer said, “These weights are incredible – absolutely stunning!” They also added, “They are very comfy and soft to the touch.”

It is available in one pound weights with colors in Pink, Charcoal, Deep Blue, Heather Gray, and Peach Nude on

Who Did they Get a Deal With?

The husband and wife team from Bala Bangles struck a deal with Mark Cuban and tennis phenom Maria Sharapova.


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