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What Camera Does Famous Vloggers, Jess & Gabriel Conte Use?

Jess and Gabriel Conte Camera

Famous YouTube duo, Jess & Gabriel Conte were headed to Laguna Beach this weekend.  But first…they had to say hi to their fans.  On their long drive out, Jess hopped on Instagram Live to chat with her fans about her journey to where she is now, her experience at college, tips for starting a YouTube channel, and much more.   (Please note: This post contains affiliate links.)

Fans were asking questions to the famous Vlogger and her husband.  One popular question was:

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What camera do you use to film your Vlogs?

Jess & Gabe said they rely on the Canon G7X to keep their Vlogs looking and sounding professional.  It’s currently selling on Amazon.

If you’re interested in filming videos and starting a YouTube Channel, you can purchase this 4 Star Rated camera right on  Amazon (available with Prime!). Click on this link.

Gabriel and Jess Conte camera details
What camera do Jess and Gabriel Conte use?

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What Camera & Editing Software Does Gabriel Conte Use For His Videos?

What Polaroid Camera Does Jess & Gabe Conte Use?

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