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Cassidy Gifford Gets Gag Gift from Brother Cody’s Fiancée, Erika Brown

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Cassidy Gifford and Erika Brown

In case you didn’t hear, Kathie Lee Gifford’s daughter got engaged this past weekend to her fiancee, Ben Wierda.

Cassidy wasn’t alone on the night of her engagement. She was joined by her older brother, Cody and his fiancee, Erika. In a story told on Instagram, Cassidy shared a funny moment.

Cassidy Gifford with her fiancee Ben Weirda, brother Cody GIfford and girlfriend Erika
Instagram: MissAmerikaBrown

Her boyfriend, Ben chose just the right moment to propose – just as she bit into a quesadilla! She said he did this for one reason, so he could always have a story to tell about their engagement.

As a gag gift from her future sister-in-law, Erika Brown, sent Cassidy a big fluffy tortilla blanket. Why? So she would never forget that moment!

Cassidy Gifford's quesadilla blanket
Cassidy Gifford’s tortilla blanket | IG: CassidyGiff

You can get a tortilla blanket like Cassidy has straight from

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