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All About Isabella Justice Hartley: Parents, Age, Photos Inside

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Lindsay Hartley and daughter Isabella Justice Hartley

Isabella Justice Hartley, daughter of actors Justin Hartley and Lindsay Korman is growing up! She just recently graduated from high school. Get all of your questions answered inside, along with photos of the adorable teen girl.

Who are Isabella Hartley’s Parents?

Isabella Justice Hartley was born on July 3, 2004 in California to Justin Hartley and Lindsay Korman. The couple had married in a small ceremony on May 1, 2004; just two months prior to the birth of their daughter. Justin and Lindsay met on the set of their soap opera, Passions who co-starred in the NBC soap in the early 2000’s. Justin played Fox Crane and Lindsay portrayed the passionate Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald. Sparks flew in real life between these two and they were married for 8 years before filing for divorce in 2012.

Here is Isabella with her mom Lindsay Korman

Here is Isabella with her father Justin Hartley

How Old is Isabella Justice Hartley?

Isabella Justice Hartley turned 19 years old on July 3, 2023. She graduated from high school in 2022 and her mom was celebrating right alongside her. “So very proud of my baby girl who’s not a baby anymore. I love you Isabella! Here we come UCSC!!” Isabella will be attending the University of California Santa Cruz.

Justin recounted his experience when teaching his teenage daughter how to drive. On his visit to the Late Night with Seth Meyers, he described how he was relaxed sitting in the passenger seat of the car as his daughter had control of the wheel. He was popping gummy bears in his mouth, and before he knew it he looks up and says, “we are cruising through a four-way — a red light! Just reckless!”

How Old was Justin Hartley When He Had His Daughter, Isabella?

This is Us actor, Justin Hartley was 27 years old when his daughter, Isabella was born. His wife Lindsay was 26 years old.

In 2021, Justin posted a black and white selfie of he and his 17 year old daughter on her birthday. He gushed, “Wishing this kind and beautiful angel a very happy birthday! I’m so very proud of you!
Love, Dad”

On Valentine’s Day, Justin posted his forever Valentine. “My OG valentine. Sending everyone a little extra love today.”

Her mom also posted this sweet Valentine’s message to her girl!

Isabella’s Instagram Page

Isabella has over 31,000 followers on her Instagram page. She likes to post photos of her life, most recently she took a trip to play mini golf.

Here is Isabella posing on the streets of California, triggering comments from her mother Lindsay and her new step-mom, Sofia. Sofia said, “so stunning.”

Isabella’s mom, Lindsay spent her birthday with her daughter. The mother daughter duo had lunch at the Lady Byrd Cafe in Los Angeles. One commenter said, “Gorgeous you look like sisters!”

What Did Isabella Look Like as a Young Girl?

We know Isabella Hartley has grown into a lovely young lady. However, we want to take a little trip down memory lane with a look at how Isabella was as an adorable young girl. Here she is with Lindsay’s father, after he surprised Isabella with a visit.

Fast forward a few years and here she is posing with her mom in braces as a pre-teen.

And… little Isabella Hartley as a little baby!

Does Isabella Hartley Have a Boyfriend?

It looks like Isabella had a boyfriend in 2021. She posted a photo of she and her boyfriend to Instagram. “you make every day better. im so so lucky.♥️happy birthday my love,” she wrote.

Her step-mother, Sofia Pernas commented “Aww I love,” on her Instagram photo. Justin Hartley married his Young and the Restless co-star in March of 2021.

Just on August 1, 2022 Isabella’s boyfriend Willem Ness posted an Instastory celebrating “girlfriend day” so it’s safe to say that these two are still together! It looks like he is attending UCSB and will graduate in 2026 according to his Instagram.

Isabella Lost Her Grandmother

Isabella Hartley lost her grandmother. Lindsay Korman-Hartley’s mom sadly passed away after a 1 & 1/2 year long battle with stage 4 colon cancer this past summer 2023. Here is a photo of Lindsay, her parents and Isabella at their last Christmas together.

She Loves Disney!

Mother and daughter fun alert. Lindsay and Isabella love to have fun at Disneyland! They took a quick selfie on a ride together in the summer of 2022 as they explored the happiest place on Earth.

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