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7 Fun Facts About Demi Lovato’s Friend, Katherine Lucia

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Demi Lovato has been sticking by her friends ever since the split with Max Ehrich. One of those good friends is college student Katherine Lucia, who’s been hanging out with Demi a lot more recently. But, who is Katherine Lucia? Find out more about the girl in Demi’s tight-knit circle of friends with 7 facts below.

Who is Katherine Lucia?

1) Katherine Lucia is studying broadcast journalism; she has it listed in her Instagram bio as “broadcast / journalism student.”

2) Speaking of her Instagram, while the collegiate isn’t verified, she certainly has a lot of followers! Katherine has 325,000 Instagram followers, and of course, one of those followers is singer Demi Lovato.

3) It’s unclear how Katherine met Demi, but ever since the former Disney star’s recovery in 2018, she’s been following a lot more regular, everyday people. It makes sense, as sometimes even celebrities get tired of the spotlight, so who better to make you at ease than a normal, non-Hollywood person? You can check out a fun photo of Katherine and Demi below:

4) Katherine is 28 years old, and her birthday is January 29.

5) She’s an avid traveler, and whenever she can be in a bikini, she usually is.

6) She’s a YouTuber. She began her YouTube channel in 2014 while in college in Florida. She’s already up to over 45,000 subscribers and counting.

7) She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and is Columbian, or as her IG bio says: “Colombiana.”

Be sure you’re following Katherine on Instagram to see more from her, and to see if Demi pops up on her feed!


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