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40 Fun Facts About MTV’s Floribama Shore Cast

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MTV’s Floribama Shore is back for its second season, so to celebrate, we’ve got 40 facts about the 8 cast members! Keep reading below for all the details!

Floribama Shore cast
Full cast of “Floribama Shore.” Photo Credit: Twitter/MTV.



Jeremiah Buoni

1) Jeremiah is from Clermont, FL and is 23 years old.

2) He has two younger brothers and a younger sister.

3) He’s really into working out, especially weight lifting. He regularly posts pictures and videos of his routines and body transformation.

4) Before Floribama, Jeremiah worked at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island.

5) He’s been compared to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from the original Jersey Shore, for his love of working out and coming up with catch phrases (like the beach is “the way”).


Codi Butts

6) Codi is from Westminster, SC and is 26 years old.

7) He loves nothing more than a pink popped collar, and loves to look good. He even gets his eyebrows groomed!

8) He’s known for being “unintentionally funny” on the show.

9) He enjoys boating on the lake (remind you of anyone else…like maybe Alex from Siesta Key?)

10) Prior to becoming a reality star, Codi coached basketball.



Kortni Gilson

11) Kortni is from Panama City Beach, FL and is 22 years old.

12) She’s always true to her spunky personality and wants others to feel the same.

13) She’s a “dog mom” to a pitbull, who recently turned 1!

14) She loves pampering herself and dressing up. She varies her style day-to-day and is always rocking cool trends.

15) One thing that hasn’t changed? Her signature super-long, slightly wavy brown hair. She always wears it fully down or with a slight half up half down style.

Kortni Gilson hair
Kortni always rocks her super long brown hair. Photo Credit: Twitter/k0nigi.



Aimee Hall

16) Aimee is from Perdido, AL and is 25 years old.

17) She is a “dog mom” to the most adorable chocolate puppy named Fefe.

18) She can freestyle rap.

19) She’s known for being super goofy and super personable on and off the show.

20) She loves bold lip colors, often seen rocking pink or red.


Kirk Medas

21) Kirk is from Atlanta, GA and is 26 years old.

22) He puts family above all else, including his “new family” of castmates on Floribama.

23) In addition to the show, Kirk also works as a social media manager for an entertainment live stream company called Shouty LLC.

24) He also loves hanging out with his friends and going to parties. In general, he’s always up for a good time.

25) He’s a fan of baseball and basketball, often going to games with his sister.


Nilsa Prowant

26) Nilsa is also from Panama City Beach, FL and is 24 years old.

27) She loves all things fashion and beauty.

28) She loves the beach.

29) She’s also a fitness fanatic.

30) Pizza is one of her favorite foods.


Candace Rice

31) Candace is from Memphis, TN and is 25 years old.

32) She’s known as the “voice of reason” in the house.

33) She has a quick wit and always has something to say. There’s never a dull moment with her, according to her fellow cast mates.

34) She’s promised her mom that one day she’ll be able to take her shopping on Rodeo Drive, where her mom can buy “as much Prada and Gucci as she wants.” Candace recently took her mom to Beverly Hills for the first time in January.

35) She’s always trying new looks, especially with her hairstyle! Check out a few of them below!


Gus Smyrnios

36) Gus is from Tallahassee, FL and is 23 years old.

37) He also frequents Scottsdale, AZ.

38) Gus is a model. He’s appeared on the covers of over 40 romance novels. He even worked with Jennifer Armentrout, (who’s an NYT Bestselling author) serving as a character named ‘Luc’ in her Lux series!

Gus romance novel covershot
Gus models for romance novel covers for various authors. Photo Credit: IG @GusCalebSmyrnios.


39) He has a brother named Seth and two sisters, Leah and Hannah.

40) He has an adorable Chihuahua named Chloe.

Gus' dog, Chloe
This is Chloe, who is the most adorable Chihuahua. Photo Credit: IG @GusCalebSmyrnios.

Be sure to check out the whole cast in action on Floribama Shore, which airs its second season on Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.