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40 Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘The Proposal’ on ABC

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ABC’s hottest summer show, The Proposal, has garnered the attention of audiences everywhere. You know the anticipation, you know the drama, but do you know how this show came to be? Check out 40 fun facts below about The Proposal.

1) The Proposal was created by the genius behind the Bachelor franchise, Mike Fleiss.

2) The show differs from the Bachelor or Bachelorette in that the start to finish romance happens within each episode – not over a whole season. How cool is that?

3) The idea behind the show is that each suitor or “suitress” will try to be won over by 10 different daters; and that pool will be whittled down after the rounds are completed.

4) Each “round” is loosely based on pageantry, where there’s a “first impressions” round, a “beachwear” round, a “romantic questions” round, and “meet the family” round. Each round gets more intimate or revealing, which ultimately will lead the lucky man or woman to choose their perfect match.

The Proposal on ABC 2018
The Proposal on ABC 2018 | (ABC/Byron Cohen)


5) Each cast member was vetted through their applications, and there was a screening process involved too. All of that took a few months.

6) There are even online casting forms from the entertainment network; or there are open casting calls in various cities (usually more major cities like NYC, Chicago, Nashville, Houston, etc).

7) The series is actually hosted by Jesse Palmer, who was a former Bachelor contestant in 2004!

Jesse Palmer, Host of 'The Proposal' on ABC
Jesse Palmer, Host of ‘The Proposal’ on ABC | (ABC/Byron Cohen)


8) The “cast” or contestants on the show are (or have been): Alona Ballard, Riona Booze, Stephanie Contreras, Jordan Coon, Mike Crowe, Nicole Gillespie, Kelly Gray, Havilah Malone, Kendal Maxwell, Morgan Maxwell, Billy Peck, Jessica Turik, Monica Villalobos, and Christen Whitney. 

9) The couples that matched up so far have been: Mike & Monica, Ashlee & Jordan, Sophie & Stephen, LisaRaye & Anthony, Nicole & Buck, Latoya and Tyler, and Winston & Abby.

Ashlee and Jordan on 'The Proposal' with Host, Jesse Palmer
Ashlee and Jordan on ‘The Proposal’ with Host, Jesse Palmer | (ABC/Byron Cohen)


10) Unfortunately, not all these couples have made it to the finish line. Ashlee & Jordan, Sophie & Stephen, and Winston & Abby are no longer together.

11) If you have wondered about where those gorgeous engagement rings come from, that would be from Neil Lane, who is famous for crafting luxury diamond pieces.

12) It has been compared to Fleiss’s other “quick love” show, Love at First Kiss; and has also been called “The Bachelor on steroids.”

13) What has made this show so intriguing is the element of mystery. The dates don’t actually see the suitor or suitress, and vice versa. There’s also an unseen announcer who gives brief descriptions of each date as they come down the staircase.

14) The suitor or suitress gets to observe their potential matches from inside a pod, which is basically concealed by panels.

The Mystery man or Woman Curtain on "The Proposal"
The Mystery man or Woman Curtain on “The Proposal” | (ABC/Byron Cohen)


15) Some of the contestants have remained friends since their episode ended. Winston and Abby are still friendly, as are some of the women that were cut from the first episode. Havilah Malone even said that some of the women are going to do a girls trip soon.

16) When creating these types of dating reality shows, Fleiss has been quoted saying that he does most of the choosing of people or “storylines” based on what they know will be popular, even if it’s not exactly true to form.

17) Even though the show is called The Proposal, it doesn’t always mean a marriage proposal. Take Tyler MacKay and Latoya Blakely: he proposed a trip to Cape Cod to meet his family, and then if they gave their blessing, they could get married.

Latoya Blakely & Ty Phillips on 'The Proposal" July 23
Latoya Blakely & Ty Phillips on ‘The Proposal” July 23 Episode | Instagram / Latoya Blakely


18) There have been people from all walks of life on The Proposal so far. Former actors, brokers, doctors, and attorneys. And no, past romantic history doesn’t really matter – this could be your first shot at love, or your 10th. As long as you’re ready for the lights, cameras, and action, you’re good to go!


The Proposal Contestants on ABC
The Proposal Contestants on ABC | (ABC/Byron Cohen)


19) Couples aren’t required to post about their significant other(s) or their show experience, but the more they do, the more fans or support they seem to acquire. Mike and Monica are one of the most popular matches from the show, and their Instagram pages are full of cute couple pics!

20) Jesse Palmer can relate to the men and women on the show because they have both experienced that “raw energy: nerves and trepidation.”

21) If Jesse could give contestants words of advice it would be to: be yourself and to listen to yourself.

22) Remember how the contestants don’t see the mystery man or woman? Well neither does the audience! The show hides their identity behind a gray gel-like mold of a person. Check it out below!

Hidden identity of mystery suitor/suitress on ABC's "The Proposal"
Photo Credit: YouTube/ABC


23) Each contestant that vies for the attention of the mystery man or woman has a supposedly clever and concise description of them, such as:


24) The swimwear portion of the show is combined with the talent portion. So yes, people can be singing in their bikinis or playing guitar in their swim trunks.

Swimwear and Talent portions of ABC's "The Proposal"
Photo Credit: YouTube/ABC.


25) Though there are applications and whatnot, executive producers do some scoping out of potential suitors/suitresses. Phone calls, emails, if they find someone in particular that they want, they keep pushing for them to come on the show.

26) Contrary to rumors, the couples have not met each other prior to the show or filming. Seriously, the first time seeing each other is on the stage.

27) Mike Crowe (who’s currently with Monica Villalobos) was injured right before his first day as a police officer. Someone was texting and driving, and hit him while he was on his motorcycle. He lost his leg, and now works as a full duty amputee policeman.

28) Apparently Christen Whitney was supposed to be the mystery woman, not one of the dates vying for a guy! At the last minute, the former Bachelor contestant decided to “switch roles.” You can read her full statement below!

29) Actress LisaRaye McCoy and Anthony Bryant actually had a couple things in common prior to their proposal: they both attended Eastern Illinois University, and Anthony lives near McCoy’s mother on the South Side of Chicago. How fun is it to discover you have more in common with your future husband or wife than you could have thought?

LisaRaye McCoy and Anthony Bryant on The Proposal
LisaRaye McCoy and Anthony Bryant on The Proposal | (ABC/Byron Cohen)


30) Sometimes, the ‘vetting process’ gets shuffled over to the casting director or casting department, as opposed to the executive producers specifically. As reported above, executive producers do their own ‘research’ with phone calls/emails to specific people they like for the show.

31) It depends on the specific reality show, but since the Bachelor/ette hopefuls undergo drug screenings, health tests, psych evaluation, and an exhaustive internet, social media, and history search – it’s safe to say the Proposal does some of the same. (Since Fleiss created both shows, and they are on the same network, safe to say they use the same companies to do these tests).

32) Despite those wacky little blurbs you see onscreen, contestants actually answer a 100+ questionnaire prior to being cast. This helps factor in personality, basic history, etc., which then helps the producers or casting director(s) make the final cuts or calls for the show.

33) Fleiss himself has even tweeted that they “must do more [better]” in the screening process.

34) Speaking of Fleiss, in addition to creating and producing The Proposal and the Bachelor franchise, he also serves as a writer for both series.

35) Fleiss has also produced a couple movies.

36) Most likely the reason for the “pageant rounds” on The Proposal? Fleiss has judged a few competitions, including the 2012 Miss America competition!

Miss America 2012 competition
Photo Credit: Pinterest.


37) He actually met his current wife, Laura Kaeppeler (she won MA in 2012), while judging the pageant.

38) Proposal host Jesse Palmer has said that what makes this show so “enticing” is the immediacy of it. Fans are knowing exactly what’s happening, right down to the end of the hour proposal.

39) Another thing that makes the show so fun? The romance! Tons of fans are romantics at heart, and the show caters to that side, but also makes it real, with contestants of various ages, races, occupations, etc. It’s definitely cool to see people like you have a shot at love – and hey, if The Proposal gets another season, maybe you can too!

40) According to Mike Fleiss, The Proposal is loosely based on the 2000 film The Legend of Bagger Vance.

There you have it: 40 facts you might not have known (but now you do!) about ABC’s The Proposal. Be sure to tune in for the next new episode Mondays at 10/9 c on ABC!