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10 Awesome Board Games You Have to Try on Game Night

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You’ve popped the popcorn, and you’re in your comfiest clothes, but what games will you play on your game night? Don’t worry, we have got you covered – check out this list below of the top 10 most popular and/or unique board games!

  • Connect 4

Connect 4 is currently Amazon’s bestselling board game – and for good reason! This classic connection game has 2 players each trying to get 4 chips in a row (to line up), and whoever does so first wins. The trick is that your opponent will often try to block your row from being connected, thus pushing you to be smarter with your next move.

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  • Guess Who?

Guess Who? is as the title suggests: a guessing game. Each player has 24 ‘people’ on their board, and each player then selects a person that their opponent must guess as to who it is. The object of the game is to guess first, by asking questions like, “Does this person wear a hat?” or “Does this person have black hair?”

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  • Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game where players roll dice, moving across the board by buying property and collecting rent from their opponents. In order to win, one must drive the other players into bankruptcy. Apparently Monopoly was created to demonstrate the monopoly of the economy – where one entity can dominate the marketplace.

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  • Codenames

Codenames is a relatively newer game out on the market that has players facing off in teams, one person acting as a field agent for their team and trying to take down the ‘assassin.’ The bystanders, assassin, and other field agents are represented by cards, and in order to figure out which is which, you must guess how the words are related.

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  • Sequence

Sequence is a game where in order to win, players must form rows of 5 poker chips. The chips on the board correspond to the cards that are played by the people. Each board has a ‘free’ space, and rows can be formed diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

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  • Sorry!

Sorry! has people trying to move their pawns the fastest around the board, and get to their safe ‘home’ space first. The title ‘Sorry!’ comes from after the various ways of derailing your opponents success, there comes the apologetic “Sorry!” You can choose to be red, blue, green, or yellow, and your pawns match the colors also.

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  • Trouble

Similar to Sorry!, Trouble is a board game that has players trying to move all 4 pieces across the board the fastest. A catch is that players can only even begin to move a piece when they roll a 6 on the die. The die are actually located inside a plastic half circle, which makes a popping sound every time it’s hit. If a player moves a piece out to their ‘start’ space, and an opponents piece is in the way, the player can actually send their opponents piece back – putting them ahead, and their opponent behind.

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  • Candyland

Candyland is a whimsical board game that has been a favorite amongst children and adults alike for years. It was even inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2005. The game is a classic racing game, where players move their markers based on the colors that are on the card. The first player to reach the Candy Castle at the top of the board wins. Along the way, you’re greeted by Grandma Nut, Queen Frostine, and can go through the Candy Cane Forest or Gumdrop Mountain.

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  • Azul

One of the newest games (having been manufactured in 2017), Azul has players putting together tiles until they make a row on the 5×5 board. The basic game dictates where each different colored tile will go, but there’s an advanced version where you can put it anywhere.

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  • Clue

Clue is a murder mystery board game that has each player assume one of the suspect roles to figure out which one of them ‘murdered’ the victim. The victim, the weapon, and the location are concealed inside an envelope, and can only be revealed if they are guessed. Each player makes a calculated guess and moves their character to the appropriate room, using the appropriate weapon, and of course, the appropriate victim. An example would be: “I think Mr. Green did it with a knife in the dining room.” Guesses like this go on until a player decides to “solve the mystery.”

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Hopefully this list has inspired you to try out one of these fun games for your next game night! You are bound to have an awesome night no matter which one you choose. Happy playing!