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New Kids on the Block MASH Game – Play Along

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We are taking you back to your childhood days with this game! Who remembers MASH? It was the ultimate tell tale sign of your future.

How to play NKOTB MASH Game

Don’t worry, if you forgot how to play – we are going to remind you now!

1 – Download and print our MASH- NKOTB paper.

2 – Who You’ll Marry. Write down 4 people you could potentially marry.

3 – Number of Children. Write down the number of children you could have. 1, 2, 3, and 4 were the ones from the original game.

4 – Type of Car You’ll Drive. Write down 4 types of cars you could drive – Mercedes to truck to SUV.

*EXTRA* For the NKOTB MASH – In addition to the categories above, also include these:

Where you will go on your honeymoon

The song that will be sung at your wedding

Where you will live together

5 – Choose a Number. Pick a number at random and write it at the top.

6Starting at the very top. Count each option until you reach the magic number. When you do, that option gets crossed off.

7- Keep doing that until you get to the final option in each category. Circle them.

8 – Use the final options in each category to tell your MASH story!

Get the M.A.S.H. NKOTB Paper

All Done? Tell us what you got on Twitter!

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