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Recap of “Very Cavallari” Season 1 Episodes on E!

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Kristin Cavallari is back! Her new reality show for E!, Very Cavallari, premiered Sunday July 8, and will air Sundays at 10/9c on E! Entertainment. Keep reading below for the recaps of the episodes, starting with the season premiere!

Kristin Cavallari is back on TV with her new reality show, “Very Cavallari.” Photo Credit: IG @KristinCavallari.


Episode 1 – “I’m CEO, Bitch” Recap from 7/8/18

Viewers first get a preview of what’s to come this season on Very Cavallari, and it looks like there’s lots of hard work, drama, and fun! Each cast member is introduced and their roles are discussed. There’s Shannon, who runs the social media for Uncommon James; Reagan, who is the office assistant for the brand; and Brittainy, who is the store manager. They’re a part of the main cast, but then there’s also a few friends and significant others on the show too! You’ve got Shannon’s friend Taylor, who models for Uncommon James; Kelly, who’s Kristin’s BFF; John, who’s Shannon’s boyfriend, and John Stone, who’s Brittainy’s boyfriend. You got all that?

Throughout the first episode, you get to see snippets of Kristin’s home and work life. You see Jay Cutler (her husband) help her pick out her outfit, as well as Kelly meeting up with her for food and drinks. Viewers also get to see what the Uncommon James employees do, both during work and in their free time. They recently did a photoshoot for social media, and they also spend time with their friends or boyfriends.

What’s cool about Very Cavallari is that there are interviews interspersed which add commentary from the cast on moments as they’ve happened or are happening.  There’s also a lot of moments that people can relate to: Shannon and John at a music performance, Kristin and Jay out on a date night, Kelly freaking out over a text from a cute guy, and so many other little things. Everyone’s got highs and lows, but it all works. And if you ever watched Laguna Beach or The Hills, then you’ll definitely remember Kristin’s signature laugh and “OMG” expression. One thing’s for sure, it’s all very entertaining. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!


Episode 2 –  “Sunday Not So Funday” Recap from 7/15/18

You get to see more of Kristin’s day to day life in this episode, from her workouts to her hangouts with her BFF, Kelly. They both attended an early morning workout class at SHED Fitness before going for juices. And yes, Kelly is still head over heels for the mysterious Canadian she met months earlier. Oh, and Jay’s deer hobby is still going strong too. He’s now named his deer: Dale.

On the work side of things, Brittainy and Shannon have a little bit of trouble getting along. Brittainy tries to keep Shannon focused, whereas Shannon feels like she needs to do her own thing for Uncommon James’ social media. It’s so fun to watch Kristin be the “mom” figure for her employees…used to be she was the one in the middle of the drama! One relationship that’s drama-free? Kristin and Jay’s! They have a sarcastic, witty banter and they are both so relaxed.

Seems like Brittainy’s not the only one Shannon isn’t getting along with right now. John’s mad because he feels as though Shannon knows everyone and he’s kind of waiting on the sidelines. It didn’t help that Shannon and Wirth (the new guy on staff) seemed a little flirty during the group’s “Sunday Funday” outing. One surprising thing that did happen? Shannon called Brittainy and they actually sort of made up! But will it last? And what about Shannon and John: will they kiss and make up too? Guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out!


Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler on Episode 3' Very Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler on Episode 3′ Very Cavallari | Credit: E Channel


Episode 3 –  “Boss Moves” Recap from 7/22/18

Kristin begrudgingly tells Jay that she will go with him to look at this new house he’s been talking about. Meanwhile, John finally calls Shannon and asks to meet for coffee to talk about what happened last night. Shannon agrees, although she’s still pretty angry at him for storming off. When they meet, John tells her he’s sorry, and Shannon understands that he has a hard time talking about the issue right then and there. At least they kiss and make up over coffee!

Brittainy handles the Uncommon James store girl interviews. Reagan comes along to help lighten things up. They filter through the girls, bypassing the “fangirls” and going with smart, go-getter types. On the other side of Nashville, Kristin and Jay’s house hunt goes well – she “hates to admit it”, but Jay was right. She does like the house – but she’s not a fan of the 45 minute drive. In the end, they do decide to make the jump and move. Another decision Kristin made? To interview Shannon’s friend, Taylor (even though Brittainy already told her she could have a job)! Kristin was originally pissed off, but she calmed down after laying down the law: She makes the final decision, no one else.

Then, at Wirth’s birthday party, everyone (even Kristin!) comes together. Shannon and Reagan get into a little bit of a tiff over Shannon bossing Reagan around. Words were said, and a few tears were shed. Shannon ended up walking off, crying to Taylor about how Reagan might make her sound horrible. Meanwhile, Reagan talks to Kristin about her side of the story. But how will it all shake out? Hopefully next week’s episode will tell us!


Kristin Cavallari Recap for Episode 4
Kristin Cavallari Recap for Episode 4 | Very Cavallari on E!


Episode 4 –  “The Ginger Snaps” Recap from 7/29/18

Kristin’s Uncommon James brand is expanding into home goods, and the photoshoot is up and running! Kristin pulls Shannon aside for a quick chat, basically reiterating that everyone here needs to get along because they’re all adults, and Kristin won’t stand for drama. In the meantime, Kristin hangs out with Kelly to help her prep for her date, because yes, the Canadian is finally here! Girl chat gets a little TMI, but hey, that makes for good entertainment, right? Speaking of girl chat, Shannon preps Taylor for her upcoming interview with the boss babe herself (Kristin)! They do a mock interview, Shannon saying that Taylor needs to fake it, while Taylor insists that honesty is the best policy. Retail is a tricky business, so it’s a toss-up as to who is actually right here.

When the interview comes around, Taylor is pumped, but Kristin is more reserved than excited about the new prospect. Taylor pulls out the charm, but it kind of falls flat, leaving Kristin to say: “Just because it’s a fun place isn’t enough of a reason for me to hire you.” Ultimately, Taylor gets a “no” from Kristin. But not to worry guys, Taylor still models for Uncommon James; Kristin just feels like she’s not the right fit for retail. Kristin also doesn’t want it to be “clique-y”, and that’s what UJ has turned into with Shannon and Reagan fighting, past issues with Brittainy and Shannon, and now the current issue of Taylor’s interview. Unfortunately, Shannon sees all this as Kristin not trusting her, and she doesn’t want to feel iced out at work over this. But, Shannon’s blowout proves Kristin’s point: she does not want anything to turn into some dramatic issue, which is exactly what happened, and what she wants to avoid.

And if you’re wondering about Kelly’s date with the Canadian, things went smoothly! They seemed to really hit it off, and Kelly really likes him a lot. So, will things continue to heat up between them? And what about all the drama at Uncommon James: will it be solved before the store opening? Or will even more chaos ensue? Only one way to find out: tune in next Sunday!


Episode 5 –  “Back to the Hills” Recap from 8/5/18

For once, Kristin’s not the one in charge. This week saw the Uncommon James CEO go to Los Angeles for the Oscars, which meant that her husband Jay got to be in charge for the interim. Remember in episode 1 when Reagan said Jay made her nervous? Yeah, she’s not the only one: it’s a general consensus this week amongst the UJ women that Jay just doesn’t get them. And since Jay likes things how he sees fit, safe to say they all bumped heads quite a bit at the store. Of course, it’s mostly all in good fun! Kristin even tells the Very Cavallari cameras that Jay “gets a kick out of terrorizing the girls!” Hey, sometimes to be the boss, you need to be hard, not a welcome mat that gets walked on, you know?

What is great about this episode is that interspersed within Kristin’s trip to LA, viewers get to see what Jay does while she’s away. He hosts a guy’s night, complete with beer and steak; while Kristin has a girl chat in LA with her forever friend, Pip. We also get to see Kristin’s luncheon, where she hosted a bunch of different influencers in the blogger world, and gifted them jewelry from her UJ brand. She even did interviews talking about how she “loves having total creative control.” Talk about girl power! Speaking of girl power, Kristin’s Oscar dress fitting is insanely awesome! She has multiple choices, and she thinks the glittery princess ball gown is the winner! She looked stunning at the awards, and her whole staff watched from Nashville to support her! Also getting support? Taylor, Shannon’s BFF, who took a pregnancy test, and yes, is in fact, pregnant! How exciting for her! The last exciting announcement? The whole Uncommon James staff is going on a trip to Florida for a little getaway before the store opens! But will they be able to leave any drama behind for a few days? Hopefully next week’s episode will tell us!

Kristin Cavallari on 'Very Cavallari' Episode 6
Kristin Cavallari on ‘Very Cavallari’ Episode 6 | Credit: E Channel


Episode 6 –  “Beach, Please” Recap from 8/12/18

Things heat up when the Uncommon James crew goes to Florida for a work bonding trip. There’s Kristin, who’s partying like she’s 21 again, and Brittainy, who’s dealing with relationship drama from back home. Then Shannon, Reagan, Taylor, and even photographer Cleave tag along to Wirth’s beach house in Destin, FL. Shots were had, and truths were said: everyone but Taylor (she’s expecting, remember!) downed some drinks; Kristin tells Brittainy that she’s a “badass” and “needs a real man.” So, where does that leave her relationship with Jon? As for the whole “bonding time” idea, the UJ crew does manage to grow closer via an obstacle course, some insane dancing, and a fun little game of “celeb hall pass.” PS: Kyle Chandler – Kristin’s your #1 fan!

Both “Johns” end up surprising the girls on their beach getaway, but not every welcome was warm. Brittainy and Jon (Stone) try to hash out their issues on the beach, but things quickly go south when Jon doesn’t listen to Brittainy. They do eventually resolve things, and the group enjoys their last night in Florida. One surprising thing that does happen? Shannon actually sides with Brittainy on something! Shannon’s not a fan of how Stone treats Brittainy, and she’s not afraid to make her opinion known. And of course, at the very end of the episode, Taylor tells the rest of the Uncommon James team about her pregnancy. Talk about dropping a bombshell! Can’t wait to see what else they get into next week!

Episode 7 –  “New York State of Mind” Recap from 8/19/18

Very Cavallari Episode 7 Recap
Very Cavallari Episode 7 Recap | MTV


It’s one week until the opening of Kristin’s Nashville store for her brand, Uncommon James. Kristin already has a tricky time getting Shannon on the same page as her with social media. Shannon originally didn’t think of posting the process of the store opening online, whereas Kristin was thinking she already would’ve had that done. Yikes. Seems like there’s lots of last minute things to keep up with! Obviously, that’s what Kristin has her loyal UJ team for, right? Meanwhile, Kristin’s BFF, Kelly is finally introducing “The Canadian” (aka: Matt) to Kristin and her husband, Jay! Exciting – if Jay will not act like– as Kristin says– “her fourth child.” Ha! When Kelly and Matt arrive, all seems to go smoothly…conversation is flowing, jokes are coming naturally, smiles are abundant. But, when Kristin and Kelly go to the kitchen for a little girl talk, Kelly confesses that she’s thinking “logistics” and not “living in the moment” as much as she should. Kelly keeps letting the long distance and different countries mentality get into her head, which obviously makes her doubt her future with Matt.

There’s good news for others though: John (Gurney), Shannon’s boyfriend, won the NSAI song contest, which got him 5 grand and a mentorship with country singer, Maren Morris! How exciting! He tells Shannon the news while at a guitar store, ready to purchase some new strings. Shannon’s happy for him, but she thinks that maybe he should spend money on a more practical purchase, like a car, for example. Back at the store, Kristin rattles off her miles long to-do list to her staff, and they reassure her that everything will be fine while she jets off to New York. Why NYC, you ask? Kristin’s promoting her new cookbook, True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen with More Than 100 Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar. Kristin is ready as always, “turning on the charm” for a radio interview and AOL Build. Back in Nashville, Taylor’s boyfriend, Mike, decides to propose to her! OMG! Shannon jumps in to help him plan it all, considering that in two days, he leaves on tour with Luke Bryan (he’s the videographer).

In other relationship news, Brittainy’s mom comes to town to go wedding dress shopping, and when Brittainy tries one on just for fun, the conversation of her and Jon’s future comes up. Unfortunately, Brittainy’s mom doesn’t know for sure if her daughter and Jon are meant for each other. Uh-oh. Brittainy’s resolve remains strong, but will it last? And as for Kristin’s cookbook? It made the prestigious NY Times Bestseller List! It’s the top cookbook! Wow, talk about amazing – congrats, Kristin! Her husband Jay even brought her a cake that he and the kids made for her. How sweet! If only Brittainy’s relationship with Jon could be as sweet: their communication problems are still apparent; and I think it will continue to be something they have to work on. Will they be able to stand strong in next week’s finale? And what about Mike’s proposal to Taylor – will it go as planned? Kristin’s cookbook has made a good first impression, but will her grand opening of the Uncommon James store do the same? Guess we will find out next Sunday!

Season Finale –  “Ready, Set, Launch” Recap from 8/26/18

Very Cavallari Season Finale - Uncommon James Store Launch
Very Cavallari Season Finale – Uncommon James Store Launch | E! Channel


It’s finally here: the grand opening of the Uncommon James store, plus the online launch of Uncommon James Home Goods! The episode opens with the store, showing Kristin a little nervous before her big “speech” (even though she told her mom and Jay not to call it that). When she sees the huge crowd in the store, she decides against her original plan to speak, but Jay quiets everyone down – despite Kristin’s joking “I’ll divorce you if you do!” – and Kristin ends up saying her “Thank You’s.” The night ends on a high note, and Kristin looks forward to the next day of the online launch and official public store opening.

Unfortunately, things don’t stay sunny for very long, because Kristin goes online and sees that a couple things are awry with the website. First, you can’t click the photo that lets you shop for the home goods; and two, people are paying shipping as if they were buying jewelry, not home goods. That meant that Kristin would be losing money, as home goods weigh more than jewelry. Good thing Brittainy’s on top of it, and calls IT to fix the shipping on the site. One problem solved, YAY – but not so fast. Kristin still comes into the store to talk to Shannon and Brittainy, and things get pretty heated. Lots of cursing, some tears, and an eye roll (not cool, Shannon) eventually led to an apology and promise to fix things. The silver lining? The store made double the profits it was planned to! Score!

With the stress finally behind them, Kristin and the rest of the UJ team can relax a little. Kristin and Jay go take a tour of their new home and even pop the champagne in celebration. Shannon helps Taylor’s boyfriend, Mike set up the engagement spot. She drives Taylor to an antique store, while Mike’s friend Ryan and Gurney help calm Mike down. Taylor sees him, and he gets down on one knee, and there goes a ring on her finger! Congrats to Taylor and Mike, and their soon to be baby Walker! To tie everything up, Kristin talks to each of the girls about their futures at Uncommon James. For Brittainy, it will be running UJ Home Goods; Shannon will be working on her current responsibilities and consistencies; while Reagan is on track for eventually being Assistant Manager. Tons of exciting things ahead for everyone, and we couldn’t be happier to announce that yes, there will be a second season! Looking forward to more drama, laughs, and beautiful chaos that is Very Cavallari.


‘Very Cavallari’ airs on the E! Channel Sundays at 10pm EST.