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Recap of MTV’s “Floribama Shore” Season 2 Episodes

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Kortni and Nilsa from Floribama

MTV’s latest show, Floribama Shore is back for season 2! And we’ve got the recap(s) for you below, so keep reading to find out what’s been going down on the shore!

Episode 1 – “Psycho-A** Beach” Recap from 7/9/2018

Things start off with a bang as the gang arrives at the house to kick off their second summer on the shore. There’s Kortni and Nilsa, who have this ongoing argument over who gets the bigger room in the house. Nilsa and Aimee want it; but Kortni thinks she should get to keep it from last year. When Codi and Gus decide to pull a prank and switch their stuff, Kortni gets mad. Like, really mad. She goes off on Nilsa, but Nilsa holds her ground.

Once everyone’s ready to party, all is forgotten. Kortni’s boyfriend Logan makes an appearance at the club, as does an old friend of Gus’.  They get together and everything seems to be going smoothly, until Logan sees Kirk helping Kortni out after she got wasted. Now, you think he’d be mad at Kirk for being with Kortni, but no: he’s mad at Kortni for acting crazy. Yes, she did get a little wild, but in her defense: she’s always been that way (season 1 is proof enough). So can Kortni and Logan make up? And what about her and Nilsa: will they actually become friends by summer’s end?


Episode 2 – “Dirty But Worth It” Recap from 7/16/2018

Pranks seem to be the thing to do at the shore house, since another one has been pulled. This time Aimee is the victim, and she suspected that Codi was the one behind the “world war toothpaste” incident. Aimee likes keeping track of her stuff because she didn’t grow up in a wealthy house, and Gus actually understood that. This understanding helped the trio squash their beef with each other before it escalated to a “Kortni level freakout.”

Speaking of Kortni, she and her boyfriend, Logan aren’t the “perfect couple” everyone thinks they are. Even though it’s made to seem as though Logan’s the nice one, apparently IRL, Kortni has a restraining order against him! Talk about crazy. As for other relationships in the shore house? It seems as though Nilsa may want to start up something (again) with Gus – but after last season’s drama, will it last? And what about Kortni and Jeremiah? They seem to keep in each other in line, and even though they both can cause a little bit of trouble, they do seem like they could end up together down the line. While Codi and Aimee managed to make up, Codi and Jeremiah still hate each other. Codi was pissed that Jeremiah shut down his efforts to help Kortni with Logan; but Jeremiah made the point that he was the one who helped Codi out during a difficult time. Will these two ever see eye to eye? Guess only time will tell.

Episode 3 – “To Hunch or Not to Hunch?” Recap from 7/23/2018

Nilsa is still hung up on Gus, so much so that she cries about him not being on the same page on their relationship status. Gus isn’t wanting to commit to anything, while Nilsa feels finally ready for it. They eventually have a heart to heart when Gus questions his decisions about his latest hookup with a random girl. Nilsa’s being a friend right now, but will she want more later? Meanwhile, Aimee and Kortni both deal with the aftermath of their partying and emotional ways. Kortni had to bandage her hand after punching a wall out in episode 1; Aimee had to go to the ER to get evaluated after what she thought was just a hangover. Yikes. Luckily, they are both alright – just in time to help everyone put together a surprise party for Gus’ birthday!

All doesn’t exactly go according to plan when the gang goes out to celebrate though. A random man shouts obscenities at the girls, and the guys go to their defense – which of course, leads to another fight. More harsh words exchanged, more punches thrown, yet nothing’s really resolved. Things heat up even more when the cops get involved – Candace and Gus have a disagreement over who threw what in the club. Kirk got kicked out of the club, but Candace didn’t like that Gus didn’t stand up for Kirk. Things only got worse when they went to a different club, only to get into another fight. Kirk was in the middle again, but this time Jeremiah helped him out. Only he didn’t get off the hook: the cops showed up. Kirk walked away in handcuffs – so what is going to happen to all of them now? Guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out!

Episode 4 – “Miss La Vela” Recap from 7/30/2018

We left off with Kirk in handcuffs in the backseat of a cop car, with Candace raging mad, wanting to go home. Now, we see that Candace is still pissed at Gus and Jeremiah for not doing anything about Kirk, so she goes over and sees if he’s okay. Unfortunately, the police tell her that if she does that again, she’ll be the next one in jail. She backs off, but is still pissed at Gus and Jeremiah for just standing there like “bystanders.” As it ends up, Kirk is let go because the guy decided not to press charges against him, but that doesn’t seem to calm Candace down. She still argues with Gus and Jeremiah over the whole situation.

Meanwhile, Kortni, Aimee, Nilsa, and Codi still party it up at the bar. When they get drunk, everything seems to get even crazier. Nilsa throws a drink on Codi for no reason, Codi hooks up with a random girl. When they finally go home, everyone decides to sleep it off. The next day, the gang decides to re-do Gus’ birthday night – the guys hit the gym first before everyone goes out for dinner. They even gave Gus cheesecake back at the house! The episode ends with the group going out to support Nilsa and Candace at their bikini competition. Both Nilsa and Candace have great bodies and amazing swimsuit style, so it was cool to see them both on stage! Candace actually placed 3rd in the contest – and she was the most nervous! Unfortunately, Nilsa didn’t walk away with the win like everyone expected but hey, there’s always the next one, you know? At the end of the night, Codi and Candace get cozy, while Kortni and Logan get busy! Safe to say, the summer at the shore house is hotter than ever! What else could possibly go down? Guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out!

Episode 5 – “More Than a Boo Thang” and “Boo Thang Blues” Recap from 8/6/2018

Relationships are heating up and breaking up on this episode of Floribama Shore. First, there’s Codi and Candace. Remember last week when they literally slept together….as in, just shared the bed, nothing more? Well Codi still wants more from Candace, and he hasn’t given up yet. He asks Candace out on a date and she agrees, but after talking with her “boo thang” from back home (that guy she refers to by his screenname “GatorJay231SouthsideGod”), she ultimately cancels on Codi. This of course leads Codi from uber-excitement to revenge mode, where he decides to make Candace jealous. To do so, he makes out with any and every girl he can – dancing, grinding, and boozing it up with them all as well. So how does Candace feel about all this? She’s unbothered, and understandably so. She’s given off signals of “STOP” but Codi won’t take the hint and just be friends with Candace.

Up next? Kortni and her boyfriend, Logan. Or should I say, possible ex-boyfriend, because things are getting pretty confusing with their current status. See, Kortni and Jeremiah continue to grow closer in their friendship, but Logan keeps assuming that there’s something more going on, and wants Jeremiah to “back the f*ck off.” Viewers see poor Kortni on the green alligator phone with tears down her face over all this. And who could blame her – anyone would freak out after being accused of something so ridiculous. Guys and girls can just be friends, even if they’re close (hey, Codi…did you get that?!). Hopefully these relationship “fails” from this episode can repair themselves by next week’s.

If you’re wondering about those jobs the gang got in the previous episode? Yeah, they go to work alright – Jeremiah gets really into it, donning a hot dog costume with a big smile on his face! Too funny! As for the other “couple” in the house, Gus and Nilsa? They’re both still figuring out what they want, and who they want exactly, but not to worry guys: there’s so much more in store for them (and everyone else) at the shore house.

Episode 6 & 7 – “Sex, Lies, and Caution Tape” and “Boo Thang Blues” Recap from 8/13/2018

Drama, drama, drama: that’s the name of the game on this week’s double round of Floribama Shore. Yep, we have two new episodes this week – so let’s break them down. First up: a little bit of fun. The boys (Jeremiah, Codi, Gus, and Kirk) head to the beach for a “boy’s day” and actually seem to have a good time. Poor Codi does get buried in the sand though! But the girls have got some pretty tough stuff to deal with – Kortni’s just found out that her boyfriend (yes, they are still together) Logan has been lying to her. No, he’s not cheating or anything like that, but he hasn’t been truthful about some pretty big things in his life, like his career. Yeah, he’s not working like he said, and Kortni’s rightfully pissed that he lied to her mom about it.

When Kortni sits down with her mom and the girls, she gets some sage advice: “If he loves you, he wouldn’t cuss at you.” And you know what? That’s so true – because, if Logan really loved Kortni, then he wouldn’t be lying or be mean to her! Things get even more heated in the second episode when Logan tries to confront Jeremiah about his friendship with Kortni. When Kortni tries to diffuse the tension, Logan snaps at her again. Will these two ever work it out and stay on the same page? Or will Logan’s anger finally be too much for Kortni to handle?

Another housemate that’s bringing the drama? Gus! He and Candace are at each other’s throats again, but this time, he took it too far – saying that Candace doesn’t even “deserve to be called a woman.” What that even means is anyone’s guess – but that was a low blow, even for him! Yes, Candace did call him immature, but he could have proved her wrong by walking away. Instead, he proved her right by insulting her right back. And here I thought these guys were on the good path to being friendly. So much for that. The good news though? Viewers finally get to meet Candace’s “boo-thang” – Gator Jay (real name: Clare). The housemates try to give him a friendly welcome – well, everyone except for Codi. Remember he had (and maybe still has) a thing for Candace? Judging by the unimpressed look on his face when Gator Jay’s in the house, I have a feeling he’s still a little hung up on her. Poor Codi, he just can’t seem to catch a break in these 2 hours.

Oh well, as Nilsa said earlier in the first episode: “Pizza fixes everything.” So hopefully the house can just mellow out with some good food, and maybe, I don’t know…not fight with each other for 2.5 seconds? Here’s hoping; although considering that the one relationship (Candace and Gator Jay’s) that everyone questioned is the only one actually working out, I’m not sure if the rest of the group can pull it together. Hopefully the next episode on August 27 will shed some light on that!

Episode 8 – “The Faint Blue Line” Recap from 8/27/2018

The Floribama Shore crew picks up right where they left off: Candace tries to work out the little kinks her relationship with “GatorJay”; Kortni’s relationship with Logan is still on the rocks; and poor Aimee is very hungover from her big night out. Candace and her new beau go to brunch and bond a little bit over mimosas. She’s used to being independent, and he’s got a few rules, but they come to an agreement and end his trip on good terms. Aimee goes to the doctor and finds out she unfortunately has bronchitis. Ugh. Kortni suggests a quarantine, so Aimee is put up in a small cottage until she gets better (and so she doesn’t get the rest of the house sick). As for Kortni? She ends up finding out that besides the emotional stress she’s been having, the physical stress may be due to a pregnancy! She takes a (few) tests to be sure, but the line is of course, faint. It’s a big “is she, or isn’t she?” game as of now…but what if Logan finds out? Kortni begs Nilsa not to tell anyone (though Kortni herself does end up telling Aimee).

And what about the boys, you ask? Gus is on “Mission: Codi” aka: get Codi ripped. That means gym trips and putting Codi in saran wrap (it helps you sweat more apparently) – much to Codi’s chagrin. When the gang goes out though, it’s Kirk that’s in distress when he can’t hold his liquor. Yeah, it wasn’t a fun night for him. The gang gets the boot from the saloon, and they head home for the night. The plan for the next night? To be more mellow – and for Kirk, to chill out and stay in. The rest of the group goes out to a bar, where the majority of them don’t actually drink – except for Kortni’s boyfriend, Logan, who shows up completely trashed. He gets annoying, and Kortni gets pissed, which then in turn makes Logan mad because Kortni’s pissed off. Yikes, what a night. And it’s not even over yet.

Kortni manages to sneak out of the bar and into a cab. She goes back to the house, and all seems calmer as she takes another pregnancy test. That is, until Logan shows up unannounced. He confronts Kortni, and she gets freaked out by his demeanor. He storms out after yelling at her, and she happily takes that as the end of their relationship. Bye, Logan! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! But will he finally be out of Kortni’s life for good? What about Candace and her new beau – will they make it? And what about the boys: will they be able to clean up their acts and stay away from the drama? You never know in this shore house.

Episode 9 – “There’s No C in Disease” Recap from 9/3/2018

The house plans a “Welcome Home” party for Aimee, making food and a fun poster for her. At dinner, Kortni recaps her drama with her ex-boyfriend, Logan to bring Aimee up to speed. Speaking of Logan, he keeps calling the shore house, but Nilsa gives him a piece of her mind, telling him to “quit acting like an immature child.” Good for her, because Kortni does not need this stress right now. She’s dealing with this potential pregnancy, and then there’s her unresolved tension with Candace. Yeah, Logan is the last thing she needs to worry about! Good thing her housemates cheer her up with a beach day. Candace and Aimee have fun in the ocean, while Jeremiah gives Kortni some friendly advice. And yes, right now they’re keeping it platonic.

Unfortunately, the fun times don’t last when the gang goes out to the club. Logan shows up uninvited, almost like he was looking for Kortni. Luckily, she made a quick exit and went back to the house before he even noticed she was there. Once everyone’s back from the club, you would think things would be calmed down – but you would be wrong. Kirk gets into it with Kortni because of her ongoing feud with Candace. Jeremiah tries to step in, and Gus chimes in too–to no avail. As Kortni puts it: “No more bullsh*t.” She has bigger things to worry about.

The next morning comes, and Kortni is off to the OB/GYN to see if she is in fact, pregnant. To throw her housemates for a loop, she makes them think that she is pregnant – she’s NOT! After everyone gets over the initial shock from her prank/lie, they celebrate her non-pregnancy in the best way they know how: day drinking. Shots go down easy, but Kortni’s potential feelings for Jeremiah? Not so simple. Will they, or won’t they? That’s the major question on everyone’s mind leading up to next week’s new episode.

Episode 10 – “Kook-A-Pooped” Recap from 9/10/2018

It’s party time on this episode of Floribama Shore! The gang throws Kortni a “no baby, baby shower” complete with balloons and a bright punch called “Kookapoo” – which apparently, according to Codi, it’ll knock you right out. There’s drinks, there’s fun, and maybe a little bit of flirting? Kortni’s finally admitted that she likes Jeremiah as more than a “bro” – and it seems like the feeling’s mutual. Speaking of relationships, Candace’s relationship with Gator is complicated because her parents don’t really approve of him. And she loves her parents and wants them to like whoever she’s dating, so will that be a problem? Who knows at this point.

Despite saying they need to slow down with the drinking and the partying, the group goes out to the club and parties pretty hard. Gus finds a new girl named Flor, and they are really into each other. Poor Nilsa, on the other hand, is trying so hard not to be jealous (and is failing miserably)! Candace and Gator reach a crossroads, and she finally opens up to her roommates about it. The rest of the shore house is there to support her, which is really nice. Not so nice? The fact that the roommates bring up the pregnancy subject again and take it a little too far. This brings up a lot of emotions for Kortni: that you know what? Maybe she did want a kid. And maybe she still does want to be able to have them later in life, but she’s worried that she can’t anymore. At least Jeremiah was there to comfort her. Unfortunately, Jeremiah gets some bad news about his grandfather, Kortni is there for him, as is the rest of the house. Will Jeremiah be okay? And what about Kortni? Can anything get better for the shore house? We sure hope so, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Episode 11 – “Girl, Bye” Recap from 9/17/2018

This episode picks up right where the last one left off: the gang rallying around Jeremiah in the wake of his grandfather passing. A group prayer was said before they headed out for a nice evening together. Well, it was nice until Nilsa got hammered and was being kind of a jerk to random people. When Kirk, Codi, and Aimee try to talk to her about it, she denies everything, which of course leads to an argument. Nilsa runs upstairs and gets on the phone with her friend and decides to go home. Even though, as Aimee put it: “it’s not the night for that” – Nilsa does not seem to care in the current moment in time. All this drama over a drunken few comments? Yeah, it was a jerk move, but come on now guys, just like Candace said: “We’re supposed to be there for Jeremiah.” They are not supposed to be cutting and running when things don’t go just so. They are supposed to bonded together, now more than ever. And who comes to the rescue? One of the most unlikely suspects: Kortni! With Kortni in her corner, Nilsa decides to sleep off the night from hell.

The morning brings change, because all the housemates sit down to breakfast together to send Jeremiah off the right way. With the “father figure” of the house gone, the rest of the gang try to stick it out for the next few days. Unfortunately, Aimee and Nilsa are still at odds over her behavior at the bar. Tensions reach a boiling point when Aimee thinks that since Nilsa can’t deal with people’s criticisms, maybe she should leave the house. Ouch. You would think that the solution would be to let them work it out, but nope, not this time. Kortni and Candace decide to take a girl’s trip to Tampa, and drag Nilsa and Aimee along for the ride. As for the boys, yes, that does mean they get the shore house to themselves for a weekend. While the girls drive in silence, the boys party with protein drinks – as in, protein packed alcoholic drinks. Gus is the only one who actually manages to chug it without gagging. They go out looking for a good time, only to find they are a little early to party. They do have a meaningful conversation where they spill their backstories to each other. Gus especially opens up about his childhood and how he was raised by mean and unfaithful parents. This admission of vulnerability allows the guys to grow closer, sans girls! How sweet.

Meanwhile, the girls’ drive to Tampa was less than eventful. Although, when they get to their hotel for the night, Aimee finds a handwritten note by Nilsa. It explains her behavior, as well as how much Nilsa needs Aimee in her life still as her BFF. It was so heartwarming that it brought tears to Aimee’s eyes. The two do make up, and all seems to be squared away for now. But the drama is far from over as the boys discover another note back at the shore house. Not a bromance note, but a “get you back” note to Kortni from her ex-boyfriend, Logan. Talk about a bold move. As if she needs this drama back in her life right now! So how will she react to this new development? And what about Jeremiah? Where does that leave him with Kortni? He’s just barely gotten through one of the hardest weeks of his life – he totally doesn’t need that info either. Will this cause problems for them? What about Aimee and Nilsa: can they finally bury the hatchet and stay friends? We’ll see, because nothing ever stays calm in Floribama.

Episode 12 – “A Thin Line Between Hunch and Hate” Recap from 9/24/2018

We’re still on the weekend in this episode, with the girls on their mermaid trip and the guys on their shore house hang. Aimee gets to live out her dream of being a mermaid – and she’ll be an honorary mermaid for life. She definitely lives up to her “Princess Goddess Mermaid” nickname! Meanwhile, while the girls are underwater, the guys are barely treading when they decide to go to the gym. Well, okay, Gus is cool, and Kirk is sort of hanging on, but Codi? He is drunk – so wasted he doesn’t make it through the workout! At least all 3 of them managed to have a good time! After the guys’ gym trip, they decide to cook dinner for the girls as they’re on the way home. All is well, until Nilsa asks about the flowers on the table. Oops. Kortni sees the note, the photos, everything, and is shocked. As she eloquently puts it: “This is the last thing I need right now.” No kidding – she’s been through enough thanks to Logan. No need to stir up more drama!

The drama turns into hilarity when Kirk drops a beat and Candace reads Kortni’s “rap song” from her ex-BF, Logan. A snippet? “I’d pay you to take my heart like a surgery fee.” Wow. Gus put it best when he said: “Kortni’s got him thrown into a tizzy.” It’s true – Logan’s either crazy for her, or just plain crazy. Maybe a little bit of both, honestly. Speaking of crazy? That is Gus’ “prison” style workout that he has Codi do. Codi’s strategy: calories out (a few burpees) and then calories back in (a few drinks). Hey, at least he’s consistent.

One surprise that happened in this episode though? Gus and Nilsa actually made out in the club when the gang went out to party. Maybe it’s not a surprise to some (considering their attempt at a date last season) but it is surprising that they get along together, and actually stay that way for a while. Well, at least until Nilsa gets too involved, and Gus is on the opposite page (he just wants fun – no emotional attachment whatsoever). Nilsa says she’s “cool” with just being friends, and is “down for whatever” but is she really over her crush on Gus? There’s no way they’ll be able to stay away from each other for very long. Are they the only ones that are going to hook up – or will Kortni and Jeremiah (when he returns) finally get together too?

Episode 13 -“Scorn in the Bayou” Recap from 10/1/2018

All seems better in the house when Jeremiah returns – the group rallies around him in total excitement! They have a nice dinner together, and even surprise him with a trip to New Orleans! Another surprise at the dinner table? Gus and Nilsa reveal their “fun” relationship with a kiss, leaving Jeremiah speechless. It looks like a couple weeks was all it took to get these guys from fighting to flirting. After the dinner, they pack up and get ready to leave for “Nawlins” in the morning. Once they arrive, the party seems to never stop. Even Jeremiah is going all out – he did after all, find the baby in the famous “King Cake” (a New Orleans tradition that’s supposed to bring good luck to the person that finds it.) They light up once they get some drinks, including one called the “Shark Attack” which turns red at the top once you dip the toy shark in. They up the ante when they go out for a night on the town, but things get serious when Candace drops a bombshell about her relationship with Gator. He apparently grabbed her neck and shoved her. So not okay, under any circumstance. This past altercation got back to Candace’s mom via one of her hometown friends, which only added to her mom’s disapproval of Gator being Candace’s BF. It also makes her friends stick by her, even if they don’t think she should still be with him.

The mood doesn’t stay low for very long as Nilsa, Candace, Aimee, Kortni, Gus, Codi, Kirk, and Jeremiah hit Bourbon Street. They go from bar to bar, dancing, drinking, and having the best time. When it’s time to head back to the hotel though, things get awkward. See, Gus and Nilsa finally got to the agreement of being friends with benefits, only to have Nilsa freak out over Kortni sleeping next to Gus in bed. Yes, she probably didn’t want to seem clingy since Gus doesn’t want anything serious, but it didn’t help that she kept that to herself either. Of course, that tiff seemed minor compared to the one that Gus and Aimee got into at the end of the episode. Aimee wanted to leave later for dinner than everyone else, and it somehow escaladed to Gus calling her selfish, while Aimee’s saying he’s acting like a bitch. Gus delivered a low blow when he commented on Aimee’s weight, which sent her running straight for him, ready to fight it out. Will it be an all-out brawl? Or will they be able to work it out before their last night out in New Orleans? Guess we’ll have to find out on the season finale next Monday!

Episode 14 -“Reservations for Eight” Recap from 10/8/2018

The season finale picks up right where the last episode left off, with Aimee and Gus screaming at each other. Aimee’s already pissed off at Gus’ treatment of Nilsa, so that low blow comment on Aimee’s weight really set her off. Viewers saw Aimee throw punches and attempt to slap Gus. The makeshift house (their Nawlins hotel room) is divided between the guys and the girls now – Aimee, Candace, Kortni, and Nilsa band together; Jeremiah, Kirk, and Codi try to be there for Gus. The boys end up having their own night out, while the girls hang back a bit to have dinner at the hotel. The girls do end up venturing out…right to the same club as the boys! Oops. Talk about an awkward moment. The mood gets completely killed as drama starts due to everyone gossiping and not having each other’s backs.

Things get worse when Kortni’s accused of being a liar for incorrectly relaying information back to Aimee. See, Kortni told Aimee that Gus essentially called her overweight, where in fact, he said that she gets upset when other people comment on her weight. So, Gus didn’t actually call Aimee fat, he was simply saying that she gets upset over comments about her weight. Candace runs after Kortni and tries to resolve things, while Aimee talks to Nilsa about why she freaked like she did. Gus and Jeremiah manage to score some new ladies, only to have Codi intrude on their balcony make outs asking about pizza – ha! The group does eventually head back to the hotel and sleep off their well-deserved hangovers.

The trip back home goes smoothly, but things get stirred up again at home when Candace confronts Gator over how her mom feels about him. The girls support her, and they decide to go out and hit up No Name Lounge. The guys are already there when Logan shows up. Yes, as in, Kortni’s crazy ex-BF, Logan. Wow. Logan and Jeremiah exchange words; Codi, Gus, and Kirk are ready to back him up if need be. When Logan pushes Jeremiah, a fight ensues. The boys are going at it now, and the episode ends with Kortni throwing her drink on Logan. To be continued runs across the screen, which is fitting because new episodes will be back November 29!

Tune into ‘Floribama Shore’ on MTV Mondays at 10/9pm c.