NKOTB Two Truths & A Lie Game

Two Truths & A Lie – NKOTB Edition

Play Two Truths & A Lie, NKOTB edition online.


You’re an awesome blockhead! They’re lucky to have you!

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#1. Donnie Walberg Edition – What’s the lie? 1. He is a fan of the Celtics 2. Melissa McCarthy is his cousin-in-law. 3. He lost 50 pounds for his role in the Sixth Sense

Sorry, he actually lost 43 pounds for the Sixth Sense!

#2. Jordan Knight Edition – What’s the lie? 1. He is the oldest of 6 siblings. 2. Doesn’t like to watch scary movies on the road. 3. Has a bike called the swag cycle.

#3. Jonathan Knight Edition – What’s the lie? 1. He once appeared in MTV’s ‘True Life.’ 2. Once dated Debbie Gibson. 3. Is a Sagittarius.

Sorry, he lie is that he dated Debbie Gibson.  He actually dated Tiffany!

#4. Joey McIntyre Edition – What’s the lie? 1. Grew up in Jamaica Plain. 2. Attended an all male Catholic school. 3. His first born son is Rhys.

Sorry, try again!

#5. Danny Wood Edition – What’s the lie? 1. He resides in Orlando, Florida. 2. Has a dog named Ripley. 3. Is a grandfather

Danny actually resides in Miami, Florida.

#6. New Kids on the Block Edition – What’s the lie? 1. Donnie was the group’s first member. 2. Mark Wahlberg left the group and was briefly replaced by Jamie Kelly. 3. Released their song “Single” in 2011.

Sorry, try again!



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