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Anti-Aging Cleanser FTV Swears By – Review Inside

Every woman’s dream is to have flawless skin. We want skin free of wrinkles, a bright tone, and most importantly an youthful look. We might not be able to afford the celeb skin-care routine of the aging-backwards goddess, Jennifer Lopez. However, we can still achieve the same goal with Madina’s Anti-Aging Carrot Soap.

Madina's Anti-Aging Carrot Soap
Madina Industrial Corportation


Like the weather, my skin is always changing and therefore so are my skincare products. Now, I typically stick to the same products, but rather than ditching them, I just rotate. I’ve found that my skin definitely loves natural soaps and cleansers, and as per recommendation, I decided to trust a friend with my life, a.k.a. my skin. I did some research on Madina for a few weeks, first because I needed to know all the deets. After a few weeks, I finally decided to head on over to Amazon and make my purchase.

Once my package came, like a kid in a candy store I tore the package open and put the product to use.

1. Facial Buffer

I like to wash my face with some form of an exfoliator. For me, this helps get rid of dead and dull skin so I can have a vibrant look! I purchased a pack of charcoal-activated facial buffers from Target, but you can get these from any local drug store and Amazon.

2. Madina Soap

I wet the facial buffer and Madina Anti-Aging Carrot Soap a bit to create some suds. On a damp face, using circular motions, I began scrubbing away. The directions didn’t specify how long I should cleanse, so I scrubbed my face for about two minutes. It was sudsy, gentle on my skin. After rinsing, my complexion felt soft and moisturized, rather than tight and dry like harsher cleansers do. I also immediately saw a difference in the appearance of dark marks on my face!

My favorite things about this soap is it’s 100% vegetable based, containing carrot seed oil, which helps your skin maintain moisture and even out blemishes. The lovely antioxidants within the soap, such as beta carotene and Vitamin A, help maintain skin tone and elasticity, leaving your skin firmer and more defiant.

But wait, there’s more! The facial cleanser aids in clearing and reducing acne! So not only will you look younger, but you’ll also rid of those annoying pimples, while protecting your skin against sunburn and damage–this is totes perfect for summer.

I absolutely love this facial soap. I’ve been using it for a month now, and my skin looks younger and healthier! As I mentioned before, I have really stubborn blemishes that seem to never go away, but once I started using this facial cleanser, those terrible marks started disappearing. I’m sure you will fall in love with this anti-aging soap, too! You can purchase it either directly from their website or on Amazon. #LetsGetYouthfulSkin