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Why So Many Fans Thought YouTubers, Jess & Gabe Moved Out of L.A.

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You might have heard of Jess and Gabriel Conte, popular YouTubers with over 2 million subscribers.

Fans have followed along with them ever since they met on Instagram and documented their journey of falling in love and getting married.

Jess, a native of Australia moved to Gabriel’s current residence of Los Angeles, California.  Ever since, the pair continue to bring their subscribers along with them on the journey that is life.

Jess made the happy announcement on Instagram saying, “I’m not really one to come on here and talk about what we’re doing that’s not social media related (adulting lol) and I’d hate to ever come off as boastful, but Gab & I just purchased our second home and I’m just really proud of us. We are so so grateful for everything that God has blessed us with, and for you guys for following along and giving us the sweetest support. we are so thankful and love you so so much. and @gabrielconte, I think we make a pretty good team…

The newest vlog called “The Truth About Our New Home” was released on July 13th where they discuss why they purchased a home in Florida.

Some fans were confused.  They thought the duo moved out of Los Angeles and into Florida but that wasn’t the case.

The reason behind it?

Jess and Gabe are both getting interested in real estate plus Gabe’s family lives in Florida.  They often visit and it was getting expensive to keep staying in hotels.

They decided to purchase a home in Boca Raton.  Jess is very talented at interior design and the two took on this project to fix up this house and make it their own.

We are happy for them on this new journey!  Watch the full vlog below:

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