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Why Carlos and Alexa PenaVega Merged Their Last Names Together

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Carlos and Alexa PenaVega in Love at Sea

Carlos and Alexa visited Mario Lopez for his radio show “On With Mario” to talk about their new movie, “Love at Sea” and so much more.

The couple married in January of 2014 and have since changed both of their last names to PenaVega.

Prior to getting married, Alexa’s maiden name was Vega and Carlos’s was Pena.  Curious how their last name changed, Mario Lopez started asking the questions.

How did that come about?” asks Lopez.

So I’m dominican and spanish and Alexa is columbian,” begins Carlos.  “We were at the county getting the license and we happened to do it in Ventura County.”

He goes on to explain that they are a little more lenient with their rules and they asked what they wanted their last name to be.

We stepped back and discussed it with each other because we knew we always wanted it to be PenaVega,” says Carlos.

Alexa chimes in and said, ‘we just didn’t know how to do it.

We sent the paper over, got it stamped and I shouted We’re PenaVegas!” exclaimed Carlos.

Lopez says, “you got lucky because PenaVega sounds good together.”  We couldn’t agree more.  It was meant to be!

Listen to the rest of Mario Lopez’s interview with Carlos and Alexa PenaVega.

See an in-studio photo of the PenaVegas and Mario Lopez below.

Catch Carlos and Alexa PenaVega on ‘Love at Sea‘ on Hallmark Channel Saturday, August 11th at 9pm EST.