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‘The Proposal’ – Who Did Mystery Woman Amber Green Choose on the Season Finale?

The season one finale of ‘The Proposal’ aired tonight.

We met mystery woman Amber Green, a mother of 2 from Texas.

She had a group of ten eligible men to choose from on tonight’s episode.  Get to know the contestants here.

Who did Amber Green End Up Choosing on ‘The Proposal?’

Amber Green from 'The Proposal' on ABC
Amber Green from ‘The Proposal’ on ABC | Credit: Facebook


The last two men she wanted to receive a proposal from was Johnny Yesh and Shad McRell.

When Amber came out from behind the closed wall, this was the first time the guys finally got to see her.

She had long blonde hair and walked up to her potential fiancee saying, “I feel like I know you guys!

Amber Green is Revealed as the Mystery Woman on 'The Proposal'
Amber Green is the mystery woman on ‘The Proposal’ season one finale | Credit: ABC


After receiving a proposal from Shad and Johnny, Amber ultimately accepted  as her fiancee.

Shad proposing to Amber Green on 'The Proposal"
Shad proposing to Amber Green on ‘The Proposal” | ABC


Who was the lucky guy?

Johnny Yesh Gets Engaged to Amber Green on 'The Proposal'
Johnny Yesh Gets Engaged to Amber Green on ‘The Proposal’ | ABC


After talking to all 10 guys, she ultimately chose Johnny Yesh!

‘The Proposal’ season one has ended.  Check out more coverage from ‘The Proposal’ on Feeling the Vibe.

No word if it was picked up for a second season yet.