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Shawn Christian Exclusive Interview: Talks Acting, Life Coaching, Dating, and Tequila

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Shawn Christian Interview 2021

We caught up with one of our favorite actors, the one and only Shawn Christian. He has graced many television screens with roles in “Days of Our Lives,” “Las Vegas,” and Hallmark movies to name a few. It doesn’t stop there, now he is adding “life coach” to his impressive resume and starting 2021 off with a bang. Shawn had many exciting stories to share, we talk life, dating, acting, passions, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this. Don’t delay, start reading now.

Shawn Christian

Congratulations on starting your life coaching business. How did you come up with the name “Aloha Life Coaching”?

Ari has an affinity for sunsets as do I so we combine that vibe together. Ultimately, we came to “Aloha Life Coaching” because it represents who we are and what we do. I am absolutely blessed. I work with clients from different parts of the world, which to have that kind of connection and to improve people’s lives that way, it’s an extension of what I do as an actor.

Speaking of acting, how has it played a part in your life coaching program?

As an actor I want to do everything to inspire people to feel everything the character goes through, whatever the story is. So now I help people create that for themselves.

This is related to acting as well but I have to be connected to you before I can fully and truthfully respond with my whole being. The body language, tone of your voice, how you say what you say, I have to listen with all my senses.

How do you become connected to co-stars when you first meet them? Do you have to spend time off set with them to bond?

Not necessarily. I’ve worked with actresses I didn’t even see before. I’ve also worked with actresses who have said awful things right before our first take. You have to realize, this isn’t about me having to try to connect. This is me connecting in the scene, which is the goal. Now I do believe it’s easier to your point, yes, it would be great to say hello, how are you and sense their energy letting them know you’re here to serve them and make their performance and moment the best it could be.

It’s just not always that way but sometimes you do get the opportunity to know who they are, where they’re from, just catch the basics and feel the vibe if you will. That’s a good question and a skill I’ve learned over time.

Sometimes, I would prefer to meet ahead of time because it’s cordial and nice to meet people. However, some just walk right up out of their trailer to the set and they’re not interested in getting to know you. You just still have to deliver and not take it personal.

Are there any types of roles you feel you can jump into a lot easier than others?

Irreverent characters seem to resonate. Last week I read for two characters, just absolute pricks. Awful

So you like playing roles which are opposite of your personality?

My mom said to me recently, why are you playing all these evil people, I don’t understand, are you ok? Haha. They were just awful, but the irreverence of those characters, I can grasp because I feel comfortable in my own skin. That’s how I tune into these characters. I am so comfortable with me I don’t care what others say. Now, I can do that with grace and dignity, a sense of humanity and compassion of course which is what I would want.

So many people are always worried about what other people might think and it stymies some people.

We don’t bring forth our true selves especially now with social media. Your willingness to share things, people respect that, it gets rid of this phony facade shown on social media. I’ve reflected on how my parents have affected my life. My mom is this angelic woman, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her swear. I think I’ve adopted that over time.

My dad was this unfiltered, raw authentic person. He did not care what people thought.

I’m less inclined to be anything other than who I am. Certainly with the life coaching, when people are in touch with their true selves, they get to a better place, they’re able to create. When you know yourself, exploring the world within you, enriches the world around you, is a quote I say a lot. Speak your heart, people will love you for it.

You also touch on dating in your coaching which many struggle with. What were your biggest challenges in dating and what came easier to you?

The challenges were being your real true self. Especially as I got older. When I was younger, it was more this free wild spirit. I didn’t view the world as what you thought of me, I just thought of myself as a good person. Sure I made some mistakes but my heart was trying to do the right thing. The biggest challenge was knowing who I am, so someone can see the real me. I didn’t have enough awareness to understand what the other person wanted. For example love languages, what I find makes me feel loved, could be totally different to what makes you feel loved.

The affection and the quality time, if I can feel and touch, and be connected that way, I feel loved. That may not be how someone else feels loved.

Communication is an important part of relationships. How would you rate your communication skills in you dating history?

I wasn’t a great communicator. I just thought things would work out. I never really saw my mother and father fight, they just didn’t, probably to my mom’s credit. When I got into contentious relationships, I would say, why is there so much fighting, I don’t get it. Then I would think it will just work itself out. Without talking. I needed to learn how to communicate.

When disagreements happened, how would you react? Would you back down and get quiet or get frustrated and argue? Would you back down and get quiet or get frustrated and argue?

Much more on the quiet side, but when the lid broke, I was like a volcano. It made me realize I wasn’t sharing my real feelings. It goes back to sharing who you are, it will save you so much drama in your life. You’ll know sooner that this may not be meant to be. Which do you want, instant gratification or long term love?

What would be the best life advice you’ve received?

I used to say “live life to the fullest.” When people ask me how to succeed I say “follow your heart.” You have to know your heart. I was following my heart every which way at one point before I understood this. I needed to think if I reflected or simply acted on impulse.

What is the most common question you receive in life coaching?

The most common thing is people are stuck, they don’t know where to go. They want to propel themselves forward.

I essentially start with, where do you imagine your life going? No rules. Let’s feel it, what does that feel like? So we get a taste of it. You are getting a feeling of what you truly desire. It takes a while, we have a lot of layers to get through. People will say, “Oh I don’t want to say, I want to be humble.” You can be humble and still be hungry.

Do you have a coach yourself?

I do I have some different people mentor me in different ways, whether it’s business or spiritually. I have different mentors in my life for different things. You find experts in the knowledge and skill base you’re trying to obtain.

You’ve said you’re working on some writing, tell us more about the scripts you’re doing for Hallmark.

The scripts I’m loving. I can’t say the name yet.
Then I’m writing another one I’m so excited about. It takes place on an island again, it’s international in scope. I get up pretty early, after I do my meditation and gratitude, I have this creative window, that’s where I create the script. I really want to get this out.

We understand you have a tequila company too, can you tell us about it?

My tequila company, I’m part owner in a company called “The Bad Stuff”, our top shelf bottle is a $200 bottle Extra Añejo which is aged four years but the Reposado which was just delivered to me is only aged one year and is a lot cheaper. That’s a good sipper. I do like to sip tequila.

You are one busy man, writing scripts, working in your life coaching company, is there more?

I’m also working on a show “Alive with Purpose” which is in pre-production now. I was supposed to do the show prior to COVID but all travel was shut down.
Now “Alive with Purpose” is in pre-production for 3 episodes, it is about inspiring people, to create a life. We meet people who are living their passion and their purpose. It opens people’s minds up to what they can do because so many aren’t happy in their own job and lives, a lot of people have had to pivot with COVID, furloughed and fired and they have to do something. So why don’t you do something with passion and purpose? It is opening people’s eyes to the palate of possibilities of people who do what they love.

How are you feeding the social side of you through the pandemic?

I’ve been living like a monk. I am! The restaurants here are open. My stepdaughter lives up here so we try to get together on the weekends at local restaurants. Everyone has fire pits here, so we all sit outside. There’s food and live music, the tables are a little far apart, but people are out.

To be honest, I’m getting more done now than I ever have before. It’s why I started two websites, a life coaching company, the two scripts, getting “Alive with Purpose” made. I’m working more than I ever have. I’m creating my own opportunity. When the world shut down, I wasn’t going to just sit around, that’s not me. I’m not a victim, I’m a creator and challenger. I have compassion for people who are there, that’s why I want to help people be creators of their own lives rather than victims of their own lives.

If someone signs up for your coaching, what can they expect?

First of all, they’ll get a zoom call for a complimentary consultation. Sometimes it’s Ari (Arianne Zucker) and I in the free consultation if we both can do it. It’s really about just being very open and honest, it’s a very safe space for you to express where you’re at, what is troubling you. What is the kind of life you would imagine you want, what does that look like, what does that feel like? Very simple questions. It’s just me getting to know you and you expressing yourself, where your heart feels you’re at and where you want to go.
Then it will be about what it will take to get there and how I can help you. I may not be right for you. I haven’t encountered that yet, but if I think there might be an issue someone else is better suited for, I will recommend that.

There is never any judgement. When we open those doors and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, that’s where the big self-discoveries are. People say things they were afraid to say. Then we get into those 16 weeks, I have a strategy that we go through.

I’m creating courses as well which will be available for people who can’t do the one-on-one sessions.

However, if you do schedule the one-on-ones we do it very consistently, we meet every week and the people who commit, we start building confidence in who you really are. We start creating a life that you imagine. Not me, it’s not about me, it’s about what you want. That is the area we focus on. I don’t tell people overtly what to do. I have strategies and tools. Ultimately, I want you to adopt those tools and strategies.

That breakthrough must feel amazing when you see it happen for your clients.

Perfectly said. When you see that aha! moment, it opens a flood gate and you see the growth climb exponentially as opposed to just one change at a time. It’s a very powerful moment. I’m just so excited for them. Of course there are bumps and hiccups, but when they see themselves in a different light, that tunes them into who they truly are. It is really a magical moment.

Do you work with all ages?

I have all ages, all sorts of people, all different nationalities and races, men and women. It’s so amazing because there are so many universal human qualities that we all share.
We all have unique experiences and a unique voice we bring to the world. You get clarity about your own voice, your own intuition. Once that opens up, it’s the a-ha moment.

You’re never too old to start learning and growing. Whatever that dream is. It’s possible, it’s plausible.

Can you have more than 16 weeks with this program?

Definitely. This isn’t a one and done. In life, if you are constantly growing you want to be challenged, I do. You want to have that childlike curiosity. It is so important. We’re all curious about different things, you have to take the path that is right for you.

Follow your heart!

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