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Rocking the Stage: “We Are Family” Unveils Pat Monahan’s Talented Relative

In another exciting episode of “We Are Family,” on January 24, 2024 the spotlight turns to a contestant known as “Rock,” creating waves of anticipation and musical enchantment. Rock’s enthusiasm is palpable as they express feeling like the luckiest person on the planet when their famous relative invited them to join the show.

A Musical Journey

Rock, who exclaims a love for playing both the guitar and piano, takes the stage with fervor. The opening song choice is “One Call Away,” showcasing Rock’s vocal prowess and musical versatility. The panel jumps into action, attempting to decipher the mystery of Rock’s celebrity relative.

  • First and Third Guess: Bret Michaels
  • Second Guess: Bill Nye the Science Guy

Adding a touch of humor, Anthony Anderson inquires if Rock’s relative has ever admitted that Rock’s voice surpasses theirs. Rock candidly admits to this amusing revelation.

A Duet to Remember

The musical journey continues with a powerful rendition of Aerosmith’s classic, “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.” Rock shares the stage with their celebrity relative, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with the audience.

Guessing Game and Big Reveal

As the tension builds, Anthony Anderson announces that whoever correctly guesses the celebrity relative will share a grand prize of $30,000. The moment arrives, and the famous relative steps into the spotlight. The big reveal leaves the audience in awe as Pat Monahan, the lead singer of Train, emerges.


“We Are Family” once again delivers a captivating episode, filled with musical moments, suspenseful guessing games, and heartwarming family reunions. Rock’s performance, coupled with the big reveal of Pat Monahan as the celebrity relative, adds a layer of excitement to the show. Viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next episode, ready to join the celebration of family ties and the magic of unexpected connections. Stay tuned for more surprises and musical delights on “We Are Family.”


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