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Are any of the Love Undercover couples still together?

Peacock’s latest series, Love Undercover, has been a popular addition to its lineup. The show followed five international soccer players to the US as they searched for love with an American girl. During the course of its first season, five couples emerged: Sebastian Fassi and Brittany Gibson, Lloyd Jones and Ariana Welch, Marco Fabian and Abby Kowal, Ryan Babel and Sofia Quinteros, as well as Jamie O’Hara and Renee Ash. But, are any of them still together now? Find out that answer below, plus if they are dating anyone new, and if there will be a Love Undercover reunion on Peacock. 

Sebastian Fassi and Brittany Gibson

Relationship Status: No longer together

After major bombshells and miscommunications, Sebastian and Brittany called it quits in the show’s season 1 finale. Even though the two “connected right off the bat” as Gibson put it in an interview, their love wasn’t meant to last. But, there’s a silver lining: the two are great friends now, and have even seen each other a couple times since the show ended.

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