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Candace Cameron Bure is Thrilled to Star in New Movie Unsung Hero

Candace Cameron Bure is booked and busy. The 47-year-old is not only starring in an upcoming Great American Family mystery franchise, but she’s also going back to the big screen in a new feature film. The upcoming movie, titled Unsung Hero, chronicles how the band For King & Country came to be. Unsung Hero is directed by and starring Joel Smallbone, and will be released in theaters on April 26, 2024. Get more details about the movie below, including Candace’s thoughts about it. 

Unsung Hero Plot & Cast

Unsung Hero follows the Smallbone family, of which Rebecca (Rebecca St. James) and Joel and Luke Smallbone of For King & Country become Christian recording artists. The movie also follows the family’s mother, Helen Smallbone, as she uses her faith to hold the family of nine together by turning struggles into an adventure for her children.

The cast includes: Joel Smallbone, Daisy Betts, Kirrilee Berger, Candace Cameron Bure, Jonathan Jackson, Diesel La Torraca, JJ Pantano, Lucas Black, Terry O’Quinn and Hillary Scott. 

Bure will be portraying Kay Albright, and will have red hair in the movie, as evidenced by this photo below:

What did Candace Cameron Bure say about the film?

Candace announced her excitement about Unsung Hero on Instagram, writing: “@UnsungHeroMovie shows the power of a family that bands together in faith despite tremendous odds ✨— I’m thrilled to be part of this incredible story of faith and family!” 

In the video above, Bure notes that the film is “a story about God and how He just shows up so evidently. There’s redemption, there’s hope, there’s love.” She added to MovieGuide that “it’s really about seeing what families can go through but also accomplish together and especially within marriage when you’re always refining one another, husband and wife, that’s what marriage is all about.”

Candace Cameron will be speaking at Pepperdine University after an exclusive screening of the film on April 10, 2024. 

Watch the Trailer

Unsung Hero will be released in theaters on April 26, 2024. It’s rumored to be coming to Netflix, but nothing has been confirmed as far as streaming platforms go. Be sure to follow Candace on Instagram to see more film updates.


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