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Recap of MTV’s Catfish S7EP16 “Chelsea & Charles” + Where Are They Now?

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Even after only 10 minutes into the latest episode of MTV’s Catfish, there’s something not right. You’ve got Chelsea, who has met a guy named Charles over POF (the dating app Plenty of Fish). They have been talking for a year and a half now, yet it’s only been through POF or Instagram DM’s.

The first clue that “Charles” isn’t who he says is? In a Snapchat Chelsea saved from him, you see that it says “Vaughn” on his Army uniform. One: “Charles” told her his last name is Richardson, and two: he said he was in the Navy – not Army. That’s two things right there that don’t add up!

When Nev and Max do some more digging, they find that the pictures “Charles” has been using on POF aren’t actually of him – they are of a guy named Jalyll Vaughn. In case you’re wondering, that means that it was Jalyll in the Army Snapchat photo, not “Charles.” Nev and Max get in touch with Jalyll and find out he doesn’t know Chelsea, but he’s had fake profiles made up using his info before.

Another twist? Nev gets a DM from a random Instagram page saying that they need to talk about Chelsea. They call but the mystery person doesn’t answer. Nev and Max head over to Chelsea’s house to fill her in, and when they call the number again, Chelsea recognizes the voice. That’s the voice of “Charles” – she remembers it from their one brief phone call. They all agree to meet up, and they find out the voice behind the phone. The guy is a friend of “Charles” but he’s not the one that’s been messaging Chelsea all this time. He only did the phone call as a favor to his friend. So where is “Charles?”

“Charles” is a little ways down sitting in the park. “Charles” turns out to be Dominique, Chelsea’s best friend. Even more shocking? Dominique has had a crush on Chelsea for the last two years, and she kept up the charade to get to know Chelsea more “intimately.” Chelsea and Dominique have been living together for a few years now, so that makes it even more awkward, if you can believe it.

The two girls have one last conversation before parting ways. Chelsea does accept Dominique’s apology, but they obviously won’t be friends in the same way ever again. A couple months later, they’re still friendly, and yes, they did go on a couple dates to test it out. But, it wasn’t how they thought it would be, so Chelsea and Dominique decided it was best to just be friends.

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