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Recap of Famous in Love Season 2 Episodes

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Famous in Love has been bringing viewers episode after episode of intense drama and romantic entanglements. Keep reading below for the recap of the latest episodes!


Episode 9 – “Full Mental Jacket” Recap from 5/23/2018

Despite Paige’s (Bella Thorne) attack a mere 12 hours ago, she’s still down to go to NYC for a press junket to promote “Locked.” At least it gives her time to focus on work…and Rainer (Carter Jenkins)? They seem to have gotten back to their usual “sort of flirty-but only friends” type of thing. Plus, Rainer’s being super nice and cutting Paige some slack – he went ahead on Live with Kelly & Ryan and let her rest up. Unfortunately, that can’t stop his issues with his girlfriend, Harper, who leaked her new movie role with him to the tabloids. Talk about drama.

As for Jake (Charlie DePew), his movie may be saved after all, thanks to Billy’s (Claudia Lee) dads – if they can pull together an awesome pitch in time. At the last minute, he decides to book it to New York so he can raise some more money for his movie and of course, to see Paige. The only thing? Paige isn’t too keen on him coming, because she hasn’t told him about her past indiscretion. Jake got his funding, but he also got a kiss from Billy. Looks like Paige isn’t the only one with a secret now, is she? When she does finally confess her mistake to Jake, he doesn’t admit the kiss with Billy. But Paige assumes that Jake has feelings for Billy, which he doesn’t exactly deny. So who will end up together? It’s a toss-up at this point.

Meanwhile, Alexa (Niki Koss) just got an order for season 2 of “Alexalicious” so she should be celebrating, right? Well, for Alexa now, celebrating means partying way too much, even taking her vices in the daytime. Yikes. She only has two weeks to pull herself together, but can she actually do it? And what about Jordan (Keith Powers)? Will he have to go to trial? Hopefully the season finale next week can bring us some answers.

Famous in Love Episode 9 Photos


Famous in Love Season Finale – Episode 10 “The Good, the Bad and the Crazy” Recap from 5/30/18

Wow, what a finale. Let’s break it down.

First up, Paige (Bella Thorne) is struggling with her fame. She’s dealing with all these pressures from her agent and producers, plus she’s still reeling from the breakup with Jake (Charlie DePew). She considers taking a break from Hollywood, even though most people around her don’t love the idea. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, if you’re a #Raige fan!), Rainer (Carter Jenkins) is the one who supports her decision. And she in turn, supports him at their meeting with Alan and Nina. Rainer decides he’s going to produce that Western film, and he also wants the production company to option Redemption Ridge. As for his relationship with Harper, it’s over. She only wanted the movie to boost her star power and didn’t sign over the rights to Rainer (although she did agree to drop out as producer and actually audition for her role). And if that wasn’t enough for you, Raige fans: Paige and Rainer finally get that happy ending when they kiss after their meeting.

Meanwhile, Alexis went MIA, causing Sloane (Sofia Carson), Tangey (Pepi Sonuga) and Ida (Tangey’s mom) to panic. Don’t worry though, she is found later…in a psychiatric hospital! Even more shocking: she faked it. The chopped off hair, the crazy song, the partying…all of it was simply so her show would be cancelled. Now that’s some great acting right there! The only hitch in her plan? She can’t sign herself out of the hospital for 72 hours…so she’ll miss the big Oscar party! Yes, you read that right: an Oscar party…for Jordan’s (Keith Powers) nomination! More good news? He’s a free man! His mother came through and there were no charges filed. Celebration worthy indeed.

Besides the friendship drama, Tangey had things going for herself. But then her friendship with Jordan threatened her relationship with Pablo $$. Pablo’s jealousy gets the better of him when he breaks into Jordan’s room and steals his iPad. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, until we find out there are photos of him and Tangey. Yikes. Talk about drama. All this leads to a culmination of events, with Paige deciding to enroll in Oregon State, and Jordan going to rescue Tangey from an angry Pablo $$.

We’re left wondering if any of them made it out okay. Will they? Hopefully there will be a season 3 so we can find out!

Famous in Love Season Finale Episode 10 Photos

Famous in Love airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET only on Freeform.