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MTV’s “Floribama Shore” Season 2 (Part 2) Episode Recaps

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Kortni and Nilsa from Floribama

MTV’s hit reality series, Floribama Shore is back for season 2 Part 2! And we’ve got the recap(s) for you below, so keep reading to find out what’s been going down on the Florida / Alabama shore!

Episode 15 & 16 -“Impubescent Clown” and “Girl Code Red” Recap from 11/29/2018

Candace, Aimee, Nilsa, Kortni, Gus, Codi, Jeremiah, and Kirk are back in the shore house for another round of fun in Floribama Shore’s second half of season 2! The PCB gang picks up right where they left off with a bar brawl with Kortni’s ex, Logan. Will he ever not show up and cause drama? Kortni has already been through so much with him, and now he drags everyone else in the house down too? So not okay. They end up getting kicked out of the No Name Lounge and unfortunately their night is kind of ruined. They all rally around Kortni though, supporting her through all this craziness, and go to bed feeling slightly better than they did earlier in the night.

The next morning, the guys go to get some “fresh cuts” as Gus calls it, and while they’re relaxing in the chairs, who comes strolling through the barber shop other than Logan? Nice, real nice. He tries to start in on Jeremiah again, saying that Panama City Beach is “his city” and that he’s “VIP” (aka: he thinks he’s special). Yeah, right. Jeremiah doesn’t take the bait though, and Logan eventually strides away. That doesn’t mean the altercation didn’t leave an impact, especially when Kortni hears about it. She puts the blame on herself again, which leaves her feeling unsafe and hurt. The roommates reassure her that things are going to be okay, but she needs to take the steps to protect herself from Logan. The first step she takes in doing that is calling the police to get a restraining order against her ex. The officers think Kortni has grounds for a “no contact” order, which means that even if he gets a friend to call her, he would be in violation. Jeremiah goes with Kortni and her mom, Sharon to the police station to file the order, so hopefully this will help handle the whole Logan situation.

Meanwhile, Candace is also still reeling over her rocky relationship with Gator Jay. She wishes she could “love the perfect person” that her parents, best friend, and roommates at the shore house liked, but this is where she’s at right now. And it sucks to love someone who treats you like sh*t, as Aimee lamented in her on-camera interview. Another house member that’s dealing with some sad stuff? Gus. He finally opens up to everyone in the shore house about his problematic past with his parents, and everyone got closer because of it. Candace said it best: they can all be more aware of his sensitive side, instead of just calling him out for being that way.

In hour 2 of the show, we see Nilsa playing Cupid for Aimee with her old roommate, Scott. While those two are out brunching, the rest of the house goes out to eat and talk to Candace about how she needs to listen to the opinions of others regarding Gator. If people say he’s bad news, then he’s bad news. Let’s just hope she listens this time. Later that night, everyone goes out to party, and Kortni hits it a little too hard. They end up back at the shore house, and Nilsa has Scott over to continue being a “wing woman” for Aimee. Aimee and Scott flirt up a storm with the help of alcohol and Jeremiah (who is apparently a good wingman himself!) – but the moment doesn’t last as Scott passes out because he can’t hold his liquor that well. Oops. So much for Aimee’s hookup.

Of course, we can’t forget about “Gilsa” (Gus and Nilsa): they have a moment (or two or three!) in this episode too! Nilsa catches Kortni snuggling up to Gus, which causes a little bit of tension between the two girls. They leave things unresolved, but that doesn’t stop everyone from having another fun night out. Nilsa invites her friend, Shayla to come along to Coyote Ugly’s, and out they go on the town. Drinks are flowing, and so is the drama. It’s the same old stuff with Gus and Nilsa, except this time she’s really going for it and laying it all out there. Gus still doesn’t want to commit, but Nilsa won’t give up on hope for the real thing. Can they make a go of it, or will it fizzle out like all the other times? And what about Kortni and Jeremiah? Will they finally be more than just friends? Then there’s Candace – will she get over Gator and find a nice guy (Codi maybe?) or will she go back to Gator for good? Only time will tell, and summer’s not over for Floribama Shore just yet.


Episode 17 -“Hunch Punch” Recap from 12/6/2018

Well guys, it finally happened: Nilsa and Gus hooked up – or hunched, as the shore house calls it. The news of their “hunch punch” made the rounds to the rest of the group and everyone has an opinion. Most of the house is happy that they finally did it, but as Jeremiah points out: Nilsa is like a volcano that’s going to erupt, because her feelings have to come out sometime. Surprisingly though, Gus and Nilsa’s next interaction was casual. Nilsa kept it nonchalant, and Gus was relieved. If she keeps it up, maybe she will get her wish for another hookup. In light of this, Kortni was inspired to ask Jeremiah where things stand between them. Are they better as friends, or could it ever be more? Jeremiah gives her the honest answer: a physical relationship isn’t worth ruining a lifelong friendship. Kortni seems to understand his angle, so no harm, no foul there. If only “Gilsa” were that easy.

When Nilsa and Gus have a heart to heart, things seem to get more complicated. Nilsa straight up tells Gus about her feelings for him, and Gus reiterates his friends with benefits condition. He says it’s because he’s scared to commit to a full relationship, but Nilsa seems to think she can be the one to change him. Well, sort of. She says that she’s into him, but she doesn’t have a bunch of feelings for him…if that makes any sense?! She’s playing it cool, but it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets hurt. Even Aimee sees it: Nilsa is “catching feelings” and that may end in heartbreak.

While Nilsa is catching feelings, Gus is catching the eyes of some sorority girls. When he invites them out and they show up at Newby’s, Nilsa becomes a “barnacle” – aka: super clingy and all over Gus. Yikes. That’s probably not the impression he wanted to make on those sorority girls. He has another talk with Nilsa, and she seems to finally understand it: he used to be a nicer guy, but now he’s the one that won’t commit to her, at least not now or in the near future. Before she can start in again, Candace takes her home to try and save her from embarrassment, but little does she know that Gus has found a new prospect to bring back to the house. Uh-oh. Will Gus’ new hookup Kendra finally get the message across to Nilsa that they will never be more than casual? Or will Nilsa go off first and be totally savage towards him? And what about the rest of the house – will they survive the aftermath of “Gilsa?” Tune in next week to find out!

Episode 18 -“A Whole Lotta Yikes” Recap from 12/13/2018

All hell is breaking loose the morning after on Floribama Shore. Nilsa discovers that Gus brought another girl home (Kendra) the night before, and her heart is breaking over it. Nilsa is still reeling from last night’s drama, so Aimee is treating her to a girl’s day. On their drive, Aimee helps Nilsa to realize her worth as her own person, aka: no guy, no problem. While they’re on their girl’s day, the rest of the shore house goes out to Dat Cajun Place for food and drinks. Emphasis on drinks, because they are downing car bombs like it’s their job. When Nilsa and Aimee get back to the house, they continue on their day drinking: first margaritas, next is champagne. Apparently with champagne comes no more clothes, because they are running all over the beach like crazy girls! They end the night doing cannonballs and surf moves in the pool, having a grand time when the guys come home. Too bad Gus didn’t join in the party!

When the next day rolls around, Codi, Jeremiah, and Kortni go to their shift at Shore Dogs, where they find out about Bike Week. I’ll describe it in traditional Kortni fashion: “It’s like Spring Break for adults with motorcycles.” Yep. When they decide it’s not exactly their scene, they grab the rest of the gang and plan a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Unfortunately, before he can get down in Mexico, Gus decides to put an end to his friends with benefits situation with Nilsa. He decides to go sober the night before Cabo to really get the message across to her. It didn’t work the first try, but on the second try, she’s the one that actually says what he’s thinking: they’re done. No more Gilsa.

Gus and Nilsa aren’t the only ones having relationship issues though – Candace has decided to break up with GatorJay231, because as she said in her testimonial: “There’s not a point in their relationship where there can be happiness.” She hasn’t even done the deed yet and she’s already feeling the guilt. She just doesn’t like being the one to cause people pain. Kortni helps her out though, literally clapping for her, whatever decision she makes. It must have worked, because Candace works up the courage to call Gator Jay. She tells him that she’s come to the conclusion that they shouldn’t be together anymore, and while she understands how he feels, she doesn’t feel like it can work. The call ends rather amicably, with Gator wishing her well. I wonder if Candace will meet a guy in Mexico? Or will Nilsa have all the fun by going “savage” on Gus? Guess we’ll find out next episode!

Episode 19 -“Let’s Taco ‘Bout It” Recap from 12/20/2018

Things get crazy in Cabo on this week’s episode of Floribama Shore. First thing’s first: it’s not even a whole day into their trip and the group’s already spouting off random Spanish. “Donde es mi pantalones?” anyone? All jokes aside, they definitely know what they want out of Mexico: partying, partying, and you guessed it, more partying. The drinks are in endless supply, which works out for Kortni and her impromptu drinking game. Of course we can’t forget about the legendary twerking competition, where Kortni, Nilsa, and Aimee all shake it till they make it. The winner? Nilsa (finally, she wins a competition)! All hail the twerk queen of the USA and now, Mexico!

Speaking of Nilsa, she still isn’t completely through with Gus. And it seems like Gus isn’t completely done with her either. Why? The two of them chat up and hook up with randoms to (according to the rest of the group!) make each other jealous. Oh, and apparently Gus’ new way to pick up a girl includes overuse of the word ‘doll’ – ha! If you’re wondering about the rest of the gang, don’t worry, they had their fun too! Jeremiah got some action of his own, he and Kortni squashed their beef; Codi stripped down and drank all of Mexico’s beer; and Aimee and Candace indulged in food, drinks, and fun galore!

So, what will they possibly get into next? Will Nilsa and Gus finally get themselves together? Or will something – or rather, someone – else get in the way again? Find out next time!

Episode 20 -“Too Late for Apologies” Recap from 12/27/2018

We’re back in Mexico with the PCB shore house on this episode of Floribama Shore, and things get even wilder than last time! Aimee’s dancing everywhere (and on everyone!), while Nilsa is still trying to figure Gus out. Is he still playing games with her? Or is he just a player?

When they go out, we see Gus make a play for the same girl he hooked up with last episode. While he’s with her, literally right next to them is Nilsa trying to figure out what the heck she saw in her previous hookup, Eric, as he gets sloppily drunk. Gus and Nilsa aren’t the only two having trouble picking up a date to bring back to the house. Poor Kortni isn’t having any luck either, and when she’s pissed off and drunk, things get real intense. She gets emotional, and Kirk’s comment rubs her the wrong way. All is forgiven when the guys go and comfort Kortni. Too bad that includes Gus inviting himself into her bed to sleep over. Yeah, Nilsa is not happy about that. #GirlCode.

To make matters worse, the next time her and Gus are together, his hookup from the club drops by, leaving Nilsa in disbelief. Just when she was falling for him all over again, he gets snatched out from under her. The timing has to be right though, you know? And with these two, something works, then a second later, it doesn’t…so who’s to say for sure. All we do know is that there will always be tension between those two…and with Kortni making moves of her own, it only adds to the drama that is “Gilsa.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang has some fun of their own: Jeremiah eats his weight in ribs (don’t worry, ladies: his abs are still intact!); Aimee gets a little (okay, a lot!) frisky, and Candace conquers the pool – to swim, that is. And who could forget Kortni’s memorable dance floor moves – she’s definitely bounced back! Speaking of craziness, the gang also decides to do some cliff jumping while in Mexico. Yep, you read that right. Safe to say some screams were involved on the way down. Carpe Diem, for sure! If only they could leave the rest of the drama behind too.

Will “Gilsa” continue to wreck the whole group? And what about Kortni and Nilsa – with tensions running so high and patience wearing so thin, will this end their friendship? Or can the shore house finally solve their problems so they can party on? Guess we’ll find out next time!

Episode 21 -“Not Nothing Physical” Recap from 1/3/2019

It’s their last couple days and nights in Mexico, and they are going out with a bang. Candace and Aimee conquer the bungee adventure that was Wild Canyon in Mexico. Yes, there were tears, but there were also lots of cheers and celebration as each shore house member conquered it after the next. Well, everyone except Nilsa, who was sick from drinking too much the night before. Gus was nice enough to help take care of her, but the whole drama from Kortni and Gus’ sleepover overshadows the day.

The day turns into night, and as the night is young, the gang must go out. At least Aimee, Gus, Codi, and Jeremiah go out. The rest of the group stays behind for right now, to talk out the whole Nilsa-Gus-Kortni situation. Nilsa confronts Kortni again, and as she says in her testimonial: “It better be the last time [she] has to tell her.” Nilsa’s not the only one that’s having issues: Gus is having trouble at dinner too. He’s frustrated about not being able to spend enough time with Jules (the girl from the club) – and it’s unfortunately bringing Jeremiah, and everyone else down. The anger stays in the air throughout their last day, though the two boys do make up before their last night out.

If only Nilsa and Kortni could have made up before their last night out in Mexico. When Gus tries to be the nice guy again and make peace with Nilsa, it for whatever reason makes Kortni mad, so she heads to the bathroom with Candace to blow off some steam. She’s pissed at both of them because after all the supposed “issues” Gus said Nilsa caused for him, he’s cool with her now; and Kortni feels like Nilsa should be smarter than to just go back to him. Yikes. And things only get worse when Aimee and Nilsa go to spy on their conversation. When Nilsa eavesdrops right next to the door, Kortni pushes it against her, knocking her right in the face. Cue the nose bleed, and cue the major drama. Even though Kortni said she “wanted to do that for a very long time”, Candace and Aimee said it was an accident. Course, Kortni laughing at Nilsa in pain didn’t help her case. She did finally apologize to Nilsa back at the hotel, but will it be enough to salvage their friendship? Or will Nilsa actually take action against Kortni to get some kind of karmic revenge? Only time will tell!

Episode 22 -“Meet the Buttses” Recap from 1/10/2019

Even when they are going to leave Mexico, the shore house can’t leave the drama behind too. Nilsa is still pissed off at Kortni for hitting her in the face with the door. Even though Kortni keeps saying that she didn’t mean to hit her in the nose, Nilsa isn’t buying it – not until she gets a real apology, that is. When they finally arrive in PCB, all they need to make the situation better is pizza. Nilsa + Pizza = The Real True Love. Of course, some of her housemates decided to steal her pizza, which led to quite the commotion. The lesson? No one touches Nilsa’s pizza. Apparently Kortni picked up that the way to Nilsa’s heart is through pizza, because she decided to get her an “I’m Sorry” spelled out on a pepperoni pizza. Hugs were shared, and all is well between the two girls again. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

When they all go out to party though, it’s not Kortni and Nilsa that are having issues, but Gus and Nilsa. Nilsa is back on the Gus train, and everyone already wants her to get off. Will she ever get the message? Gus ends up blasting out of the bar; while the rest of the house continues to party it up. Kortni brings home a new guy named Carey, but decides she wants to take it slow, since she took things way too fast with Logan. Meanwhile, Codi prepares for his parents to come and visit. They fit right in with the rest of the shore house, drinking and out shooting the guys at pool just like any other person would. Things are going smoothly…until Codi’s dad asks Candace if she would ever go out with Codi if he asked her. She is stunned, and speechless – leaving it all up in the air for their possible future. Will Codi and Candace move forward, or stay stuck in the friend zone? And what about the “Gilsa” saga: will it ever end?

Episode 23 -“You Had Me at Beer” Recap from 1/17/2019

Honestly, every dad should take lessons from Codi’s dad on how to be a good wingman, because he is good at hooking people up, especially Codi and Candace. Another thing Codi’s parents brought out while at the shore house? Gus’ emotions about his parents. He’s always been scared of what his parents think of him, and seeing Codi with his parents stirred up that old hurt. Gus loves his parents to death, but they were “so toxic” like he said in his testimonial. When Gus’ dad calls later though, Gus discovers that his dad and mom are proud of him, and will always be, so that was reassuring for him to hear.

The next day, Codi works up the courage to ask Candace out on a real date, and she says YES! Yes, you read that right: a legit date. Candace is open to the possibility, but she is a little bit nervous about how it’s going to go. She doesn’t need to worry, because Codi is pulling out all the stops: flowers, champagne, and a lovely little note. He’s dressed up real nice, and he has been waiting for this moment all summer long. He puts on that Southern Charm: pulls out her chair, opens doors, and treats Candace like a total queen. He even has a surprise for her at the end of the night – they hit up Tootsie’s for some dancing! That’s not all – he even dedicates a song to her at the dance club! How amazing is that?

Codi and Candace aren’t the only two that are ready to date. Kortni and her new guy, Carey have really hit it off…so much so that he asks her out for a date the next day. Go Kortni! She deserves something that’s more stable (read: less insane than Logan was). And wait for it – surprisingly, Gus and Nilsa can actually go and hang out as friends. Hallelujah! All is well in PCB, but will it stay that way? Or will drama stir the pot once again?

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