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The Proposal on ABC: Meet Michelle, Casandra, and All the Women Tonight

Ten eligible women will be competing for a mystery man who was a former suitor on a previous show on tonight’s episode of ‘The Proposal’ on ABC.

THE PROPOSAL – “109” – Ten eligible women selected by a blue-ribbon panel of matchmakers vie for a chance at love with a mystery man who, as a former suitor, captured the heart of America but not that of the mystery woman. Now he returns for a second shot at love, on “The Proposal,” MONDAY, AUG. 20 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Byron Cohen)


The women have been carefully selected by a group of blue-ribbon matchmakers who are considered to be the best match for the mystery man.

Just who are the contestants on tonight’s episode?  See below:

The Mystery Man 

Michael from Los Angeles.  A former contestant on ‘The Proposal’ is back as the mystery man.  His love life has been very non existent.  His great grandfather proposed to his great grandmother three times!


Contestants Background:

Jamie Snow, 25, – from Denver – loves snowboarding. Loves tall men with facial hair and tattoos.

Michelle Jackson, 33, from Michigan – Nutrition Advocate, is a “971 Ticket Chick” model [See Instagram]

Casandra Martinez, 23, – Sales rep from Texas.  Into fitness and weight loss, she is an aunt to Peyton. Says party days are over but still goes out every weekend and loves attention. Says she has “done all the right things for the wrong people.”  [See Instagram]

Heather Brooke Meyer, 36 – Follower of Christ, Has been married before.  Behavioral Health Therapist. Mother of 2. Competitive beauty queen from Colorado. Had a song written about her called “Grit.” [See Instagram]

Ashley Joyce – from Sacramento California. A poet, juggler, and wants someone to warm her freezing soul. Model, known for her curly hair.  [See Instagram]

Ashley Hart, 27 – from Oak Park, Michigan. Loves bright colors, the sky, and is an early education teacher from Michigan.

Inessa Chimato – 32, Ukranian – Speaks 4 languages and bakes pies from scratch. (purple dress)

Sierra Woods, 30 – NBA cheerleader – Paralegal.

Toya Atkins – Originally from Florida, currently lives in Georgia. Loves Jesus.  Fitness junkie.  Beach Bum. [See Instagram]

Jasmyn Alston, 29 – from North Caolina. a middle school teacher, loves cats and ice cream even though she is lactose intolerant. Holds a B.A./M.S. Currently in school for her Doctorate [See Instagram]

If you aren’t familiar with ‘The Proposal,’ this show is a pageant-style contestant to win the heart of a mystery man or woman whose identity is concealed from them.

The contestants will go through multiple rounds including first impressions, beachwear, answering romantic/personal questions (nothing is off limits), and trying to get a stamp of approval from the mystery person’s closest family member.

Hosted by former NFL quarterback and Season 5 Bachelor, Jesse Palmer.

Tune into The Proposal on ABC Monday, August 20th at 10-11pm EST.  Also available on ABC streaming online.