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Mark Steines to Debut His Baby Girl Parker Rose on ‘Home & Family’ Tomorrow

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Home & Family host Mark Steines made a sweet announcement on Facebook Live today.  

Fans poured in to ask Mark questions and find out what the big announcement is.  

Ready for it?  The proud new father of baby girl, Parker Rose is welcoming her on to his Daytime show he co-hosts with Debbie Matenopoulos for Parker’s TV debut.  The episode will air on Home & Family tomorrow, Wednesday, December 20, 2017.   Aww!

“Norbert will join my wife Julie and daughter Parker Rose on the show tomorrow as well,” said Mark.  He adds, “Julie is such an amazing mother.”  

Fans have been waiting to see his baby girl since she was born in July.  Mark is thrilled over his growing family and what the holidays are bringing. 

When a fan asked what the family’s Christmas traditions are, he said, “Every Christmas Eve, we make pizzas. We also make a birthday cake for baby Jesus. This year we will introduce something else. I asked the boys what they would want to do and they want to watch the movie Elf. It shows you the mindset of a teen. The boys have become very musical so we will sing a few songs and gather around and be a family on the couch, watch Elf and eat baby Jesus cake.

With a full house, a viewer asked, “What do you want for Christmas this year?”  Mark remarked, “Sleep!”  

He said, “With a baby and two teens, the house is constantly awake.”  

His co-host Debbie Matenopoulos added that she thought her sleep schedule would go back to normal after her daughter, Alexandra got out of those baby years.”  Her mother quickly informed her, now that she is a mother, she will never be able to sleep.

Debbie mentions, “It’s true.  You are up worrying about your children all the time.”  

If you missed the Facebook Live with Mark and Debbie, get a recap below!