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Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart in New Christmas Movie

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Melissa Joan Hart is back at it in a new Christmas movie on LifetimeTV with Mario Lopez.  This isn’t the first time they were in a Christmas movie together.  They co-starred in Holiday in Handcuffs in 2007.  

Very Merry Toy Store with Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez 2017 on LifetimeTV
Credit: LifetimeTV


In their new movie, “Very Merry Toy Store” Hart plays Connie Forrester, a young single mom and Lopez plays Will DiNova each run their own small, family-owned toy stores in Connecticut.  The two have been business rivals for years.  However, that all changes when a big box toy store, “Roy’s Toys” opens right before Christmas.  

The movie follows Connie and Will as they band together to save their stores.  Produced by Hartbreak Films, run by Paula Hart and Melissa Joan Hart as executive producers.  

The movie airs on Sunday, November 26th at 8pm EST on Lifetime.

Watch the Trailer for the Very Merry Toy Store Starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez


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