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Latoya Blakely from ‘The Proposal’ Loves Fiancee Ty Phillip’s Family

Latoya Blakely from ‘The Proposal‘ Episode 6 has been going strong with the man she chose, Ty Phillips, ever since filming ended.

We reported their relationship status in prior coverage documenting their journey of love.

In a new Instagram post, Latoya shared two new photos.

It appears that the pair are taking it to the next step by meeting the family.

Latoya and Ty were spending time with his family in his favorite vacation spot of Cape Cod.

Blakely gushed about her boyfriend’s family saying, “His entire tribe is amazing! Thank you to the entire MacKay family for being genuinely good people, so extremely welcoming and making this entire experience and Cape Cod that much better!

Ty Phillips and Latoya Blakely from 'The Proposal' Meeting the Family
Ty Phillips and Latoya Blakely from ‘The Proposal’ Meeting the Family | Instagram / Latoya Blakely


We wish these two a continued strong relationship!

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