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John Stamos Sings ‘Forever’ for His Wife, Caitlin and Unborn Baby at Beach Boys Concert

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John Stamos has joined The Beach Boys on tour in Florida this February 2018.  

John and his new wife Caitlin are making the best of the tour by first hitting the parks to experience the magic of Disney.  John posted this image to his Instagram with the caption, “#oneweek (and they said it wouldn’t last) #happiestmanonearth

The newlyweds looked thrilled wearing their adorable bride and groom Disney ears.

Caitlin posted a photo of herself in the middle of Epcot one night with the caption, “Peter said 2nd star to the right, right? #disneybound #wdw #epcot

Caitlin McHugh in Disney World 2018
Caitlin Stamos in Disney World 2018 | Credit: Caitlin’s Instagram


They also made their way to Disney Springs where Caitlin just had to snap a photo with Dumbo.   She said, “The very things that held you down are going to lift you up, up, up” a favorite quote from #Dumbo Ears by @le.ears#wdw

John surely got his Disney girl!  In a recent tour stop at Universal Studios Mardi Gras in Disney World with the Beach Boys, John sang the popular love song, “Forever.”  His new bride was on the side of the stage as the camera panned to her.  

During the song, images were flashing on a big screen behind the band of John’s recent nuptials.  These are some of the first seen photos from inside the wedding chapel.  

John Stamos wedding 2018 with Mike Love officiated
John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh get married


John definitely incorporated his Disney and Beach Boys love into his wedding.  How exactly?  Here are some fun facts.

His bride Caitlin McHugh (now Stamos), 31, walked down the aisle to Bruce Johnston’s rendition of The Beach Boys song, “Disney Girls.”  

Mike Love, original member of The Beach Boys band officiated the wedding!  Now how cool is that?

Mike Love officiated wedding of Caitlin and John Stamos
Mike Love officiated wedding of Caitlin and John Stamos


Watch the video below of John Stamos singing “Forever” in Orlando 2018