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John Stamos Schools the Beach Boys’ Mike Love in Tik Tok – See Video!

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John Stamos, the part-time drummer for his ultimate favorite band, The Beach Boys has been quite busy with his new show, Disney’s Big Shot. In a rare downtime, he was hanging out with Beach Boys legendary frontman, Mike Love.

While the two were enjoying lunch, John decided to show Mike the new hot social app, Tik Tok. Mike Love is currently not on the app.

John came across a cover band also hailing from sunny San Diego, California. They are called “Sitting on Stacy” and they happened to post their cover of the Beach Boys famous tune, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” See below.


Wouldn’t It be Nice if you liked and shared this video!😀 ##BeKind ##fyp ##foryou ##boys ##music ##singing ##harmony ##cover ##beachboys ##fun ##love ##acoustic

So of course John had to share the Tik Tok video he found with Mike Love! You will love what happened next. See the reaction video from Mike Love below.


@sittingonstacy I was showing Mike Love Tik Tok and you popped up. He loved you guys! Can’t ##hear us but he was really digging it. Congrats! Stamos

♬ original sound – johnstamos

The Sitting On Stacy Tik Tok cover video of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” already has over 650K views and 123K likes.

John Stamos posted the reaction video which is catching on like wildfire with over 400K views in less than 24 hours.

Due to the pandemic, the Beach Boys who normally tour 365 days a year have had to hold off and delay many concerts. It looks like the delay will end as they start with a tour in the US and in Europe this coming spring/summer.

For details on The Beach Boys concert tour visit their website.