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Gus from ‘Floribama’ Shore Plays a Fun Round of ‘True or False’

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Gus from ‘Floribama Shore‘ has been catching the eyes of viewers all over America with his sweet, emotional disposition, good heart, and rugged good looks.  We caught up with Gus for a fun round of favorites and more.

Lightning Round with Gus from Floribama

Food – Cheesecake
Netflix show – Panama City Beach – it will always feel like home
Singer – Luke Combs (at the moment but I like so many different genres of music)
Season – Fall because that’s the time of year that Football is on
Vacation spot – Cabo, Mexico (the beaches are ridiculous)
Game – Fort Nite
Movie – I’m kind of nerdy, I like superhero movies. The Batman Trilogy with Chrstian Bale was probably my favorite.

True or false
I’m an early bird – True
I’m an extrovert – True to the fullest
I would rather stay in than go out – Absolutely not
I’m shy at first – I don’t think I am ever really shy. I talk all the time, I don’t have a filter.
I would rather text than talk – I much rather talk. I am so bad at texting.
I was a good student – Haha, false! I was a class clown.

The Last
The last thing I bought was – A new pair of Beats headphones because we are in the gym a lot.
The last person I texted was – My little sister. She recently started a new school so I texted to check up on her.
The last food I ate was – I’m on a really strict diet right now so it was chicken and spinach
My first car was – A regular pick up truck, I think it was a Ford Ranger
I had my first kiss at age – 16, I was late to that. I was picked on by my friends at that time.

Catch ‘Floribama Shore’ airing on MTV Mondays at 9pm EST.