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Gus from ‘Floribama’ Says: ‘There’s A Lot More to Come from Gus & Nilsa”

‘Floribama Shore,’ MTV’s newest reality show following 8 young adults in the Florida panhandle is getting hot in its second season!

The 6 pack abs and bikini bodies is not the only thing heating up this house.

We saw Gus, 23 take Nilsa, 24. out on a date in the beginning of the first season.  However, the date wasn’t too successful since Nilsa was still getting over a recent breakup and wasn’t ready to date.

Gus put his feelings aside for Nilsa and went on a mission to date around and meet lots of different girls…which he did.

Fast forward to the second season, and after a night out with all the family members in the house, Nilsa started catching some feelings for Gus.  She even gave him a few kisses on the cab ride back to the house.

But was it all the alcohol talking?

This time, Gus wasn’t quite ready to jump into that possibility with Nilsa after getting brushed off by her in season 1.

Coming into episode 5 of ‘Floribama Shore‘ tonight on MTV, fans are wondering if there will be anymore Gus & Nilsa to ship.

Gus jumped on an Instagram Live yesterday to chat with his fans and give us the 411 on what’s to come.

A lot of people were asking if he and Nilsa get together.

Not exactly giving a straight answer, he gave enough hope and hints.

You’ll have to tune into the show on Monday night, because I promise there’s still a lot more to come from Gus and Nilsa.”

We are definitely ready for some more romance..with a dose of drama.

How about you?  Let us know if you ship these two by tweeting us with #floribama.

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