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Get to Know Hannah Ann Sluss’s Family – Who Are Her Parents and Siblings?

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Hannah Ann's Family

Hannah Ann Sluss definitely made a big splash on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. When they aired the hometown episodes, we saw into Hannah’s childhood home and got to meet some of the most important people in her life.

When Hannah introduced Peter to her family, everyone was on board with this relationship except for her father. Just as any good father would, he wanted to know Peter’s motives and begged him not to say “I love you” until he really meant it.

Let’s dive in to see just who Hannah Ann’s family is.

Let’s Meet Hannah Ann’s Family below!

Hannah Ann’s Father

Rick Sluss, 52, is a very protective father over his two daughters and son. He is married to Jennifer. The family lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. As you may have seen in the show, they call him “Ranger Rick.”

Hannah Ann’s Mother

Hannah Ann’s mother, Jennifer is a teacher. She posted this beautiful family photo to her Instagram page and wrote about the Bachelor hometowns. “Excited to showcase my family tonight #Hometowns.

She also posted this photo of her happy family, “Family & Fall. So lucky to have this life! #2019,” she wrote in the caption.

Hannah Ann’s Sister

Hannah Ann is the oldest girl in the family. We met her younger sister, Haley who is 18 on The Bachelor hometowns. She attends a Christian Academy in Tennessee and is on the varsity soccer team. She and Hannah are very close.

In early December, Haley wrote “Name a better duo..I’ll wait” on a picture of she and her sister. Check out the photo below.

How did Haley react to Hannah’s appearance on the Bachelor finale? She said, “So unbelievably proud of how @hannahann handled herself tonight with class and integrity. You set such a role model for me and you will always forever stay ~hannah ann~”

Hannah Ann’s Brother Wade

Hannah Ann’s brother, Wade was not really shown on the hometown episode of The Bachelor. However, her younger brother Wade is currently in college in Tennessee.

His sister isn’t the only one who has been on television this year. Wade actually made an appearance on local television to represent his college at the Super Bowl!

Check out this cute photo of the siblings below!


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