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‘Floribama Shore’ Why was Jeremiah in the Middle of Kortni’s Fight With Logan? Get Full Recap

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Jeremiah is the reason for a fight between Kortni Gilson from ‘Floribama’ and her almost ex-boyfriend Logan. But why?

Get a Full Floribama “More Than a Boo Thang” Recap

Codi and Candice on 'Floribama' Episode 5

Codi and Candice on ‘Floribama’ Episode 5 | Credit: MTV Floribama


Relationships are heating up and breaking up on this episode of Floribama Shore. First, there’s Codi and Candace. Remember last week when they literally slept together….as in, just shared the bed, nothing more? Well Codi still wants more from Candace, and he hasn’t given up yet. He asks Candace out on a date and she agrees, but after talking with her “boo thang” from back home (that guy she refers to by his screenname “GatorJay231SouthsideGod”), she ultimately cancels on Codi. This of course leads Codi from uber-excitement to revenge mode, where he decides to make Candace jealous. To do so, he makes out with any and every girl he can – dancing, grinding, and boozing it up with them all as well. So how does Candace feel about all this? She’s unbothered, and understandably so. She’s given off signals of “STOP” but Codi won’t take the hint and just be friends with Candace.

Want to see Codi’s attempt to make Candice jealous?  Catch the clip below:

Up next? Kortni and her boyfriend, Logan. Or should I say, possible ex-boyfriend, because things are getting pretty confusing with their current status. See, Kortni and Jeremiah continue to grow closer in their friendship, but Logan keeps assuming that there’s something more going on, and wants Jeremiah to “back the f*ck off.” Viewers see poor Kortni on the green alligator phone with tears down her face over all this. And who could blame her – anyone would freak out after being accused of something so ridiculous. Guys and girls can just be friends, even if they’re close (hey, Codi…did you get that?!). Hopefully these relationship “fails” from this episode can repair themselves by next week’s episode.

If you’re wondering about those jobs the gang got in the previous episode? Yeah, they go to work alright – Jeremiah gets really into it, donning a hot dog costume with a big smile on his face! Too funny! As for the other “couple” in the house, Gus and Nilsa? They’re both still figuring out what they want, and who they want exactly, but not to worry guys: there’s so much more in store for them (and everyone else) at the shore house.

‘Floribama’ Season 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 10pm EST.