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Dove Cameron Just Said What We Are All Thinking About Social Media – “I Really Hate How Instagram Makes Me Feel”

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On Dove Cameron’s day off from her work on Disney’s ‘Descendants 3‘ movie, she had some time to get her nails done, relax and reflect.

The Emmy-Award winning actress doesn’t always get so candid with her 18m+ followers but we are so glad she did.

The actress spoke from her heart and was able to share with her fans just what had been weighing on her mind.

Social media is part of everyone’s world and we are pretty sure just about everyone has a love/hate relationship with it as Dove does.

She said, “I really hate how Instagram makes me feel and I hate how Twitter and any kind of social media makes me feel.  We’re all depressed.”

I think there’s something wrong with staring at other people that much,” Dove continues referring to society’s constant social media connection.

On the love side, Dove says, “It’s funny because social media can be a really beautiful thing.  I’m not condemning it. There are a lot of ways it has been used for good.

Information overload is quite a real thing today.  With everyone starring down at their phones, tablets and laptops for nearly half of the day, it can completely clutter your mind.

It’s way too much information.  Humans are not meant to have that much information.”  She added, “We’re meant to have simpler means of communications and think about simpler things.

If you feel you’ve had social media and information overload, it’s very healthy to take a detox from the screen and go out into nature, take a swim, a walk, go to a painting class, or go to a concert.

Social media detox worked for Dove.  She said, “I’m in a really good place right now and I know I couldn’t have gotten there unless I’ve separated myself from this a little bit.

Watch Dove’s full talk about Twitter, Instagram and the rest of social media

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