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Cedric the Entertainer, Joel McHale, & Lauren Lapkus Appear on ‘To Tell the Truth’

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ABC’s To Tell the Truth will air an all-new episode on Tuesday February 23. Celebrities Cedric the Entertainer, Joel McHale, and Lauren Lapkus will be guest starring on the show. We’ve got some details – and a couple photos – for you below, so keep reading for more information.

To Tell the Truth: Meet the Celebrity Panel

Cedric the Entertainer, Joel McHale, and Lauren Lapkus are the trio of celebrities that will be appearing on To Tell the Truth. They are a part of the panel who will try and figure out the truth behind questions such as: “Who found 27,000 dollars?”

Cedric the Entertainer is a known stand-up comedian, actor, and game show host. A couple of his most notable roles include a mainstay on Steve Harvey’s program The Steve Harvey Show as one of the “Original Kings of Comedy,” and for portraying Eddie Walker in Barbershop. Currently, Cedric can be seen on the CBS sitcom The Neighboorhood, and will do a voice role on the upcoming Disney+ reboot The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.

Joel McHale is perhaps best known for hosting the hit E! commentary series The Soup from 2004-2015, and for his role on NBC’s Community from 2009-2015. Currently, Joel is hosting the revival of Card Sharks, and doing a podcast with former Community co-star Ken Jeong called The Darkest Timeline.

Lauren Lapkus is known for her roles in Orange is the New Black, Crashing, and Harvey Girls Forever. She’s appeared on episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Hot in Cleveland, Are You There Chelsea?, and Clipped. She currently hosts her own podcast called With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, and is a cast member at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

According to ABC, other questions that will be asked include: “Who is the real sneaker customizer?”, “Who is the real Marschitect?”, “Who is the origami master?” and “Who is the professional mariachi singer?”

If you’re wondering what a Marschitect is, your guess is as good as ours! We’re assuming it’s some type of architect, given the hybrid name. But, as for what Mars has to do with it? Well, you’ll have to wait and see when the episode airs!

In the meantime, check out a couple of photos from ABC’s To Tell the Truth below. You’ll see Cedric, Joel, and Lauren alongside host Anthony Anderson as they try to uncover the truth from the contestants.

Be sure to tune in to the new episode of To Tell the Truth on Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 10 PM ET, only on ABC.


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